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  1. I think if anything Pattaya is improving. I hope they clean up all the bars between beach road and second road. Keep soi 6 and walking street if needed, but gentrify the <deleted> out of the beach and 2nd road section of the city. push all the eye-sore shit past second road
  2. If you don't plan to work or get married, then elite visa is really the only dog in the pony show for us younger guys. I'm most likely going to pick up the 20 year one. Thanks to Thailand's amazing tax laws regarding foreign sourced income and remittance, the elite visa will pay off after a couple years purely from the tax savings.
  3. Love watching all these poor fossils complain. You guys didn't seem to care much when it was us younger guys feeling the heat. Time to shape up or ship out Gary7616. Good guys in, Gary7616 out!
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