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  1. Or maybe as they were never colonised they developed a super sized ego which leads them to not actually think through their business decisions and refuse to let anyone criticise them.
  2. I still enjoy going there, but I tend to split my time with other countries now. Thailand was my 1st county in Asia I've been to, so I fell in love with the beaches immediately. These days I go to the Philippines for my island craving, which I think the offer is superior to Thailand. But I'll still try do a few days in Bangkok at the end. Love the vibe of the city and food options. I probably won't ever do a full on holiday all over Thailand again as it's a bit of a rip off.
  3. This is a joke yes? Tonnes of bars in Phuket have closed partly because of this. The answer to your question is because this is how the logic of the Thai works. 'I own leases for 10 bars. 5 bars close so for the rest I'll double the leases to make up the loss.'
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