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  1. After 19 years here, I still not understand it, because  I was educated and experienced it in a different way ( I am 71 ).
    My Thai wife tell me often :
    "Why do you think your logic is the only correct way ?
    It may be in your western world, but not necessary in my Thailand "
    She may have a point.
    We often consider something as wrong, if we don't understand it. 

    Or maybe as they were never colonised they developed a super sized ego which leads them to not actually think through their business decisions and refuse to let anyone criticise them.
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  2. I still enjoy going there, but I tend to split my time with other countries now. Thailand was my 1st county in Asia I've been to, so I fell in love with the beaches immediately.

    These days I go to the Philippines for my island craving, which I think the offer is superior to Thailand. But I'll still try do a few days in Bangkok at the end. Love the vibe of the city and food options.

    I probably won't ever do a full on holiday all over Thailand again as it's a bit of a rip off.

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  3. why would the thai landlord raise the rent to something the bar could not handle?
    just stupidury or is there some other reason this appears to often happen?

    This is a joke yes? Tonnes of bars in Phuket have closed partly because of this.

    The answer to your question is because this is how the logic of the Thai works.

    'I own leases for 10 bars. 5 bars close so for the rest I'll double the leases to make up the loss.'
  4. Hi all. Is anyone able to ID this location please? Apparently it's on Koh Phangan and I'm going there in April so would like to try pay a visit.



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    I don't recognise that place on KP, Wellred, it could be the Chinese temple in Chaloklum on the north end of the island ??? ^

    Managed to ask the guy on Instagram. It's Wat Maduea Wan. Good selfie material 5555


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  5. Had a funny squabble with a Bangkok cabbie who wouldn't take a tip, turned out he was from the next village over from mine in Issan, tried to undercharge me! Another one decided I needed a shower and a relax after a long flight and took me to his house where his wife had prepared lunch too. Another lovely old boy who lectured me all the way to Rayong once about the dangers of Thai ladies.

    Never found any unfriendly, although some did have exciting driving techniques.

    So, everyone's just a cynical <deleted> and you are the real thang! What substances are you on dude?!!!

    Calm down over there. He was simply sharing some of his own more positive experiences with taxi drivers and I'm glad he did as it shows there are some good ones out there.

    Back to the story in go smacked. Till now I'd never really heard of this sort of thing going on. If the driver refuses up front before you get on ok but they should never kick you out, especially on a a tollway.

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  6. I'm not really a swimmer but will usually get in around chest high to cool off. Looks like I'll have to find some other activities to keep me busy if it's starts raining.

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  7. I've decided to spend a week or so in Phuket in August. I'm aware that AuguSt is rainy season although I have also seen plenty of YouTube videos where it looks like some good weather made it through.

    Are there any beaches that are won't be as rough in low season due to their position on the island in relation to the direction of the monsoon winds? E.g I read that Tri Trang doesn't get that bad in August due to the way it's positioned. How about the east side of the island? Are those beaches somewhat more shielded?

    I'll probably do a few days in Koh Samui too as I know the weather there will be better.


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  8. Biodegradable cigarette butts? No, not the filter ones smoked all over the place.

    Don't you know that if you're going to answer or comment on a post you are supposed to quote it. It is only polite to do so and notifies the user that somebody has made a comment on one of their posts rather than it being done behind their back. I would have thought that with over 11,000 posts to your name you would have got the hang of it by now.

    The tobacco and wrapper are definately made from natural materials. The filter I thought was too. Are you telling me it isn't. Used to roll my own, but haven't smoked last 5 years.

    Yes, would love to quote, but the TV app is useless and makes highlighting very difficult, so almost impossible to show the part of your text I was reacting to.

    And you're right, even the butts are biodegradable, it only takes up to 10 years for one to degrade.

    Slightly off topic but I use Tapatalk and the native functionality for quoting makes it a breeze.

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  9. I booked a room via Agoda at sea Cono on Soi sansabi for August and paid 950 bhat a night. I stay there in high season as well sometimes and usually pay around 2.5k so was quite happy with that. Didn't bother checking the hotel website as I think under 1k is very reasonable.

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  10. The last time I was there was January just gone and I didn't observe any noticeable levels of rubbish. Off the top of my head I visited patong, kata noi, Laem sing, Kamala and paradise beach. I did notice a few ciggie butts although that should no longer be a problem with the new rules.

    Is it that maybe in high season the beaches are better maintained? I think there should be a city wide initiative to get all tourists and locals to do a litter pick for 30 mins a day before the sun sets. I would participate if they proposed such an initiative.

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