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  1. In order to state something like that you have to go into the whole business concerning electrolytes, so I request an explanation. OR: I could say "No it couldn't".
  2. I take it during runs longer than one hour, especially when it is hot. That's a time when I really need electrolytes in order to avoid heat exhaustion/ cramps etc. Seems to work, it's quite cheap (many electrolytic drinks are way too expensive) and tastes OK. However you can get sodium from your diet, ignore those that tell you to cut back salt intake, I add as much as I feel I need. My blood pressure is OK, thanks.
  3. It's true that although cuttings will grow, sometimes very well, for a few years, they do eventually succumb to the ravages of soil borne disease. The amount of work that was done in order to 1: develop a rootstock that worked in temperate climates and 2: to propagate and get into general use was quite impressive. I don't think that Thailand is a suitable place for the traditional rose and so can't imagine a 'tropical root stock' being developed here. Maybe in Singapore or some other place where the English were established for a few years?
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