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  1. Wood vinegar works both as a preventive and as a pesticide (in my experience). However I must admit that I have occasionally had to get rid of ants carrying aphids up the plant to further produce sugar. That process wasn't very organic but as time goes on the less I have had to apply permethrin to the soil, haven't done that since a year now. I can't vouch for the claim that WV works as a weed killer, not in my garden at any rate, Typical Wood Vinegar Consumption and Dilution.pdf PS I think Isaan aussie gave me this.
  2. The most probable scenario is that the Thais had no money and no insurance. Doesn't matter whose fault it was. The possibility of being breathalysed is just an additional pressure to get money out of the farang. In general, not necessarily in this particular case.
  3. WHAT <deleted> genocide? You mean the one Western powers after the oil, or Islamic states, after the oil, tell you about, or the stated aim of ARSA in 2017, to kill all non-Muslims? Islamic state in Myanmar, later to become a part of Bangladesh... ? Or maybe you mean the genocide in 1942 when the Ros killed 30 000 non-Muslims and drove another 50 000 to the South, leaving the coast clear for these guys to just walk over an unguarded frontier for the last 70 years? Myanmar is giving up on the West and turning more and more towards China, they don't care, great move by the West and the EU.
  4. I can't remember notarising the signature, why not just send it off, you don't have to cancel your Swiss bank account straight away. I used EMS registered post, ฿900.- or so. Cancelling my Postfinancekonto was a miserable affair, no acknowledgement, login just stopped working one day. I was with them for over 40 years.
  5. I assume that you are talking about the Swiss AHV. I got rid of my Postfinance-Konto last year, it was costing me ฿10 000 / yearly. Google "antrag auf auszahlung der ahv/iv leistungen auf ein personliches bank oder postkonto fur versicherte im ausland and you will find the form in pdf. I heard nothing back from Switzerland but the money turned up at my Bangkok Bank account three days later than when Postfinance was my bank. That was a minor panic.
  6. After sending a package back (not as ordered) I was given a refund, so although I always pay COD I thought I'd put it into Lazada wallet. When I tried to do what was necessary (ATM, complicated procedure) to pay for another product, I was warned that I can only use the voucher once. So I put the code into the ATM three times and was told I was doing it wrong. Of course, TIT, the customer is always wrong. I have made many mistakes in my life but very rarely with numbers. So I just abandoned that effort. On checking back home, the huge sum of ฿200 had disappeared from my wallet, Lazada customer service promptly answered with "this service is not available at present". Gone. It really doesn't matter, but paying COD is the only way to use Lazada at present.
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