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  1. Yes of course. as they include processed meat in the mix. Hamburgers, hot dogs, all that muck... quite often mixed with noxious chemicals and sugar. The "twice as likely" still means a relatively low occurrence of gall stones AND many people have cured their gallstones through eating uniquely carnivore. Try, amongst others, https://www.dietdoctor.com/gallstones-and-low-carb Consistently reported by organisations with close relationships with the food industry which prefers us to eat multi-processed , sterilised and poisoned vegetable diets (think Monsanto, pesticides, etc).
  2. Only a scumbag would assume that this is about this particular teacher. They're all like that and that's the problem.
  3. Yes that would work if we are prepared to destroy the soil's natural fertility through intensive use of mineral fertilisers, pesticides (including Roundup) and not bothering about crop rotation.
  4. I came upon a late night emission teaching German. Oh boy, it was BAD. The problem is that native English teachers aren't welcome, they would show the Thai teachers of English up. An English English teacher I know fought for years to get them to admit that the text book they were using contained many serious and unnecessary errors and that putting the scholars through exams based on this textbook was pointless.
  5. You don't need pink curing salt, although it is slightly more efficient at preventing mould. Been making my bacon for years, 3 - 4 Kg monthly.
  6. Absolutely without scientific validation, like so many things concerning health these days.
  7. Maybe they should probe the phone calls that went from Saudi and Pakistan to the noble ARSA in Myanmar ordering them to eliminate all non-Muslims in the Rakhine.
  8. I feel better now that I have seen a MAP. I didn't know where Map Tha-Phut is (or only vaguely) and I wanted to know if and where there there were exits that I could use.
  9. Agreed. In ALL these so called journalistic efforts (Bangkok transport for instance, opening new motorways), they never bother to insert a map. I didn't know where this road goes to although I go to Chonburi / Pattaya several times a year. I now see that I will probably use it next time I go down there. I could do an internet search and after say 30 minutes, find the map so kindly supplied above. However that isn't my job. Last time I found a map of the projected motorway to Korat, it was in Thai and of such bad resolution that I could hardly use it.
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