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  1. I appreciate your feedback. Maybe you missed my point; the process of gluconeogenesis is not one that springs into overdrive in the presence of protein, the process is more or less constant. The process works when the body feels that it is in need of glucose, otherwise it is just ticking over. It is requirement driven, not reactionary. As for "dopey gurus" I can give you access to more serious studies, which I'm sure you can find for yourself, the Youtube reference wasn't necessarily meant for people like you. The only processes that I know of for which glucose is irreplaceable are
  2. This too is a myth that is being debunked.... what does TOO MUCH protein mean? The body, through the process of gluconeogenesis transforms protein into glucose, thus requiring insulin to get rid of it, but this process is fairly constant and though not negligible, not really important as far as insulin production is concerned. Hopefully people on Keto are aiming at getting healthy, which means they will lose weight, and so in addition to changing their diet also do exercise, which increases the amount of protein you need. https://perfectketo.com/gluconeogenesis/
  3. I frequently go for long runs before dawn and have experience with these dogs. They become less aggressive after they have seen you a few times. Some of them (alpha dogs) are still looking for an opportunity to take a bite out of your leg all the same. Not knowing what they have in mind is the aggravating part. The one time I got bitten, it was a bitch with pups... I told the owner, showed the blood, bitch disappeared prompto. In the past, I took a squeezy bottle loaded with vinegar... as soon as they just SAW this they disappeared. I discovered that shining my headlamp direct
  4. I have had this problem and have given up on rosemary in Thailand. The plants would usually be OK for a year or to and then over a period of a few weeks start to look like this and die. I tried different sprays, anti-fungal and insecticides, didn't work. I also tried messing with soil composition. I did have the impression that it was a fungal problem. I came to the conclusion that my part of Thailand doesn't like this plant, and despite its decorative value (both in the garden and on food) I don't really need it. I also tried with seeds, which I normally had success with back home,
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