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  1. I see you prefer scientific discussions. Did you read the link? Try talking to an OP nurse.
  2. Oh well, I need a new PC anyway.
  3. Very clever. The people are wearing masks to prevent them selves being sprayed with blood etc. I guess you didn't see the 27 (at last count) scientific reports showing that wearing face masks do very little if anything at all, to prevent infection. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4480558/ The great demi-god Fauci himself has, since the so called pandemic started, advised AGAINST face masks, FOR face masks, and recently for wearing TWO masks. You still believe that guy?
  4. I gave up on cattle as a source of income some time ago although we still have 5 Brahmins and a nice breeding bull. Everything would be going well until we got foot and mouth (twice) lumpy skin disease (right now) and a year where we couldn't get enough grass and had to sell at a loss. Get your pasture fixed with beasts rotating between fields and I guess 7 rai is just about enough. Good luck!
  5. Can anybody point me towards a scientific study showing that face masks are of any use at all? Why were the original WHO pandemic recommendations not to use lockdowns to prevent pandemics from spreading done away with at the beginning of this episode of bad flu? Yet another study from Germany yesterday showing that lockdowns are useless.
  6. The problem with adding organic material is that, (and especially in the tropics) is that it rapidly gets consumed, nothing left after a year. To loosen clay soil, and I say this after 40 years experience, is to add SAND, which is the opposite of clay, right? It needs to be siliceous sand, which is acidic, not the horrible calcareous stuff that gets hard when it gets wet. Most sand around here is siliceous, you can test it by adding hydrochloric acid Cleanser Vixol), if it fizzes, it ain't siliceous. It will mix itself in, no sweat.
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