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  1. A few of our neighbours use this plant as hedging. They prune it like a hedge, so don't worry too much. The reason that April is mentioned as an appropriate time for pruning is that that is the start of the rainy season and so the plant will grow again. If you prune now it will stay pruned, if you want it to grow you can water, keeping in mind that newly planted bushes will need more water. They grow well in a pot, need watering. Flowers: yes they need fertiliser, preferably slow release.
  2. Yes, I managed to keep Rosemary alive for three years without sterilising the soil. I don't think anyone will be sterilising soil using steam or heat, steam treatment took us days back in Europe. There remains the option of solarisation (Google) which requires leaving the land fallow for some time. Villagers did something similar here 50 years ago, nobody bothers now.
  3. If you're lucky... we once watched a Thai policeman hold my IDP upside down with a serious mien. Tea money will get you through but if you have an accident you're up the creek. Your local police station should be able to give you a certificate but may be reluctant (tea money).
  4. Clearly it's impossible to grow everything everywhere. Some stuff JUST WON'T GROW here, depending on where you live. Most years I can grow dill, two years ago they caught mildew (maybe the seeds...) so I only tried again this year, grew well and seeded out all over the garden. Anyway, let's not assume that Thais are stupid in your area because they don't grow the stuff you want. Nobody grows chili in the village here, but 1/2 kilometre away in the rice fields it grows very well. I have had limited success with it. It sounds like your problem is the same as mine, soil borne diseases,
  5. Our fridge is only 3 years old and wasn't particularly cheap. I checked the thermostats, visually OK. The problem is that although the freezer compartment is working, the cooler isn't cooling at all. (At present we transfer bottles of frozen water from the freezer to the cooler regularly). Is it worthwhile getting this fixed, what kind of problem is this likely to be? I certainly can't afford a replacement this side of Christmas. Thanks.
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