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  1. Well, a quick Google supplied me with the information about this stuff, which looks quite useful.
  2. These are, cold hard statistics, mostly people that have likely died a year or two earlier than they otherwise might have, presuming that there wouldn't be a bout of 'flu etc anyway. Statistically insignificant, as is most of the whole panic driven Covid story.
  3. One might wonder why Eucalyptus isn't usually used for fences. Even Thai red wood rots after 4 - 5 years.
  4. Buriram province. We informed ourselves about regulations before we went, you should too. We're on the 4th day of a 14 day quarantine, neighbours and village admin will be keeping an eye on us.
  5. As long as they get more profit when they burn the cane before harvest then they will continue to do so. Whose fault is that? I don't see laziness involved.
  6. In our case "test" meant having the local health volunteer and neighbour taking our temperatures across a barbed wire fence. 14 days quarantine...
  7. IN my experience you can drive there but you will likely have problems driving back as Bangkok is a restricted zone. We got stuck with 14 days quarantine after returning.
  8. I too was 'condemned' to 14 days quarantine after visiting Bangkok a few days ago. 5 hours nonstop drive there, 2 hours at the embassy and 5 hours back. The village health volunteer is our neighbour and we don't want to get her into trouble but you give me the idea of contacting the local health authorities, which I will. We got so much conflicting and constantly changing 'information' before we went that instead of cancelling the appointment or asking local authorities we just WENT. Saw a checkpoint on the other side of the road stopping all vehicles, huge tailback, but didn't go throu
  9. Gas heater? Please give details, set up must be easier than an electric immersion heater?
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