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  1. Thank you, CRV added to the list I'll check it out. I'll give it a try, I'm judging it's slow because of the power and weight and also some online review tests. New Pajero? Is that coming out anytime soon? Sorento is not listed on the Kia Thailand website, discontinued here maybe? When buying this Avanza I could have taken a Sienta, but I chose the Avanza because: - same engine size, very similar power - rear traction, much smaller radius of turn (like 4.7m against 5.7m of the Sienta) - lighter, the automatic rear doors on the Sienta weight a lot, Toyota removed the car weight from the brochure - A bit cheaper - about the same internal space, if not more The only advantages I could find for the Sienta is that it looks prettier and has a few extras like leather seats. I would not consider the Sienta an upgrade. But thank you all for the replies.
  2. I currently own a Toyota Avanza and I'm very happy with this car, never had any problems. However, it's an entry level and very slow vehicle. Later this year I'll finish paying it and I plan to move to something superior while it still retains some decent resale value. My price range is between 1.4 to 2.3M, and I really wish I could get something that is not horribly slow (aka anything with over 11 seconds 0-100). I am a bit concerned about customer care and resale value. Wife really wants a 7-seater but it's quite rare that we need to use the 3rd row, and when we do it's usually short trips with kids that could go on the back with no seat anyway. For now I'm considering: - Toyota Fortuner - wife wants this one, apparently has good resale value, it's very common (I assume easy for parts if needed) and on the cheaper end of my budget. However, I really wish they offered something more powerful, the top version has just 177hp which is ridiculous for a car this big. - Toyota Innova - I'm ok with everything about this one except the fact that it's diesel. They have a petrol but it's a manual, which is a dealbreaker for me (wife can't drive manual). This is the top choice for taxi drivers indicating they're quite reliable. - Mazda CX-5 - affordable, faster than the Toyotas, wife will complain (5 seater). I'm concerned about reliability and resale value. - Ford Everest - Looks good, the top version has over 200hp, 7 seater but the wife says this brand is bad in Thailand. She often speaks about what she doesn't know, would be nice to get some owner opinions here. - Volvo XC40 T5 - For me this is almost perfect on paper (beautiful, powerful, petrol, loaded with features) but it's pushing my budget limits, the wife doesn't want it (5 seater) and there is no dealership in Pattaya, I'd have to go to Bkk for anything. I don't know anyone that has this car so I'm not sure how reliable they are in Thailand. I appreciate any guidance here.
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