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  1. I too would like to move to Phuket from Bangkok but after several trips there I cannot find a condo for purchase that is affordable and well located and I am most interested in purchasing. However as far as renting there are more options and now is the time to lock in a lower rent. I like Kata and Karon the best. It's all a matter of taste so you'd have to go and see for yourself.
  2. You will very rarely get a happy ending or any extras in a traditional Thai massage place and it's not prudent to try though I'm sure it happens sometimes. Nothing against happy endings but there are places that specifically cater to it if it's what you seek.
  3. I will gladly pay for a quality vaccine but I will accept being forced to have an inferior vaccine just as soon as Mexico pays for The Wall.
  4. In practice I doubt any of these apps will prevent more than a handful of covid cases but are almost certain to drive away millions of tourists if they actually started forcing installation and usage of it. Furthermore it's getting late in the game to big brother their way out of a pandemic that seems to be easing by herd immunity and vaccinations anyway.
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