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  1. I've seen offers on different chat forums to transfer existing Thailand Elite Visas. Some of these have more generous terms than the current batch of TE visas; terms like 30 year visas and 1.5 year extensions. Anyone know if the recipient of these transfers are eligible to continue the more generous terms in these original visas for the remaining life of that visa?
  2. I agree it's not relevant, since it is the same for everyone on any type of visa but we will be on the Thailand Elite by the time we are filing TM30.
  3. My wife and I (both American) will be returning to Thailand soon. Based on the most current info I have depending on our travel plans we will need to periodically complete the TM30 form. My landlord has agreed to register and allow us to manage this process online with his credentials. I have seen screenshots and videos about the app and website so have a general idea how it works. Using either the website or app is it possible to register 2 people using his login credential? I will login as him, but I need to register both my wife and myself each time, is this possible? If not how can I register 2 people? Would two logins be required? I hope not.
  4. My wife and I are planning to get 5 year Family Excursion Thai Elite visas in January 2020. These are 800k THB for 2 people. The Thailand Elite website makes it hard to navigate and actually see all the choices and prices. I've attached an image that shows all the options which I believe are still accurate. If you scroll to the end of the official TE FAQ you can see they obliquely mention the TM30 (where is the place that the house owner or possessor have to nofity...) and that they do not help you with this cumbersome form. However I am hearing on this forum and others that immigration are getting less militant about visiting one province or another and filing TM30 but that is only hearsay. https://www.thailandelite.com/faqs
  5. I thought the whole point of TM30 was inter-province reporting? If it is not for that what is it for?
  6. This is the first time I heard this. I thought the whole point of the TM30 was province to province?
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