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  1. I will be flying JAL I see this on their website. There are 2 versions of the Antigen test. Quantitative and qualitative. I think I will just get the PCR to be sure. Notice to all passengers departing for Japan - JAL International Flight
  2. I am worried about a false positive or even testing positive because I have Covid but am asymptomatic but I don't want any problems at the airport so I am going to take the PCR test. America has said they accept antigen or PCR but who knows what the staff is going to believe at the airport. If you don't have symptoms I believe ASQ Hotels are still an option. Hopefully I never need to find out. If you have more information about the acceptance of Antigen tests to get out of Thailand into the US please post it here.
  3. Getting my Covid test this Sunday and flight out Tuesday. Feel free to lock down after that.
  4. Exactly. The temperature checks are purely theater -- giving a false sense of comfort and letting people say, well at least we did something in the event someone does come down with Covid. Furthermore the machines are wildly inaccurate. Vaccines are the only solution and the arrogance and incompetence of the people leading the charge has caused them to stumble with this mandate at every step of the way. If Thailand had not let people travel at the worst possible times and focused on vaccination the country would not still be at step 1 as their neighbors will soon be opening up and enjoying the
  5. My wife and I delayed our plans slightly. Test is now scheduled for this Sunday May 16th. It'll be a PCR test from Bangkok Hospital which we were told we can pick up the same day. Assuming all goes well we will be on a flight back to the USA on the morning of May 18th. Not planning to return until they allow vaccinated individuals to enter the country hassle free.
  6. They just installed a pair of those temperature checking machines at my condo this week. Aside from being mildly offended that I am expected to validate my health just to return home it just seems pathetic. Over a year since this started and that is their solution? 98% of residents walk past the machine anyway so not sure who's bright idea that was. Glad I'll be gone in a week. But will gladly return once I'm vaccinated and things calm down here... whenever that is.
  7. I made the appointment yesterday and they still had good availability. Plane tickets were required to make the appointment. I'm going to Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok. I was told if my wife and I arrive around 8:00 am we will have same day results for our PCR tests. One way tickets from BKK to SFO were only $550 per person. Fortunately we have a place to live cheaply in the area so not a bad outlay of cost except Som Tam prices will triple. I'm thinking we will return in 6 months to a year.
  8. Covid Test booked for Sunday. Flight booked for the following Tuesday. Assuming all goes well I'm looking forward to my vaccine vacation in America where I can walk in to any pharmacy and have my choice of vaccines opposed to bizarre app sign ups and multiple conflicting messages about who what and when is happening here as far as vaccination. I'll be back when they get their act together.
  9. Headline should read, "Public Health Ministry gives okay for something that does not require their permission and isn't going to happen anyway, but don't say we didn't try."
  10. Yep, looks like I'll be treating myself to a vaccine tour in the USA soon instead of playing with semi-functional apps and moving goalposts in Thailand.
  11. at this point what difference does it make? No vaccines, nothing but BS from the gov mouthpieces. All we can do is wear a mask, clean our hands and avoid people.
  12. My wife and I have PCR Covid tests scheduled for the morning of Sunday May 2nd at Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok. Assuming we get a negative result will physical pieces of paper sufficient to board our flight to the USA be provided? I am also hearing people talking about emails and text messages from the hospital. It seems like a piece of paper with some type of official stamp is needed? Has anyone been through this and know what documentation is required? Would an email be sufficient? Another related point. I've already purchased our plane tickets for May 4th on the presumption we te
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