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  1. TV should not be trying to disrupt this mans life I am sure that if anyone suspects him it would be the U.K. police who would in turn contact the Thai police .
  2. Here on Koh Samui the requirements are different in that we have to provide a medical certificate , google map of property as well as hand drawn map of how to get to the property the whole thing is a nightmare and no don’t come next year thing will be even more stricter this will be my last extension of stay I will either go to pastures green or get a multi entry and take a mini break every 90 days . It was only last month that I received a text from my SCB bank telling me that my bank had closed and that my account had been transferred to another SCB 10 KM further than my last one trouble is I cannot move or change to another bank as no doubt immigration would turn me down as I had switched from one bank to another
  3. SCB do not show International Transfer it comes up as X1 Transfer of Funds and this has been the code since I opened my account in 2005. Looks like I will have to open a Bangkok Bank Account for future transfers
  4. Next week will be no different than that from a month ago the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer
  5. Difference is you state your wife he states his girlfriend there is a big difference big issue as I see it is she is paid in cash my friend was turned down 4 times but in the end he married her and a year later she was given her visa.
  6. I am going back to the multi entry visa that way I will leave the Kingdom every 90 days and take a mini break in neighbouring countries as I believe this is just the start , next year there will be further requirements I would rather spend the money than have it tied up in a Thai bank account when there is so much uncertainty ,the time has come for all of us to open our eyes and look to see what’s on the other side of the fence the pastures could be a lot greener and more welcoming.
  7. Snakes or no snakes dumping these people in the water and leaving them is shameful hope these sewer rats are caught and given there just punishment
  8. Ask Ryan Giggs ! maybe I am wrong when I come to think of it he was rockin & rolling with his brothers wife
  9. I buy Strongbow and Magners in my local Macro so you would have fierce competition from these major suppliers is it worth the investment I doubt it .
  10. If I understood you correctly you say you left the girl and that you are single rather than pay what I call is a ransom, if that is correct I say well done at last a foreigner who hasn’t left his brain at the airport of departure . My brother is 40 something , never married , works in Dubai but loves to come to Thailand for a burst every 3 months he loves his Thai woman but not that much to marry them and they love him because he spoils them rotten when he is here . He has recently been attracted to woman from the Philippines so I don’t know what his current plans are but he says he loves there cooking and F - - - - - G so I guess he is a happy guy .
  11. Before getting my extension of stay I was on multi entry which was great as I would take a trip every 90 days and I don’t mean a runto the border I would take a sight seeing trip to one of the neighbouring countries that was more than 10 years ago and although I have the required monies in the bank I am now considering going back down that route again rather than sitting at home moaning about all the changes immigration continue to do are there any others who are considering going down the multi entry route as I havnt left Thailand for over 10 years it might be time to take up a few sightseeing holidays once again.
  12. What part of the U.K. is he from ? Am I not right in thinking once his work permit is up then he only is allowed 7 days in the Kingdom before he has to exit the country. I would be surprised if he was to attack you as he would know that would mean a prison sentence maybe you are being over cautious one thing is for sure don’t allow him on the premises and change your daily routines for the next month and let’s hope he does not read this forum.
  13. St Patrick’s Day 17 March will stay at home got my bottle of Irish whiskey
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