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  1. Your looking at the glass half empty and not half full , there are plenty of things to do over here in the kingdom rather than just drinking and chatting up the bar girls . I’m 70 living on my own don’t smoke and only occasionally drink and yes I go the gym , paddle board or go out on the kayak or ride my mountain bike . The worst part about Thailand is having to deal with immigration in 16 years of living here I have enjoyed it so much so I haven’t been back to the U.K. for 14 years . Give it a try rent out your pad in Aus and move over for a year if it’s not for you then head back home it’s
  2. Why have the vaccine when the government state that Thailand is almost Covid free and there has been less than 100 deaths think I’ll take my chance and besides that I have Covid insurance which I took out last year so I’m sure if I had a problem the insurance would pay for the jab . What I won’t have is either the Chinese or Russian vaccines
  3. I have a very comfortable life here on 40,000 per month I have no rent to pay and no debts and my 800 k in the bank is back up for emergencies if ever needed I have lived here since 2006 which is more than 14 years and came on a retirement visa I go for my coffee most days after my gym workout own both a car and a Honda phantom and eat out on a regular basis plus enjoy the odd massage yes I’m an occasional drinker if in the right company and do not smoke I know plenty who have less income than me but seem to manage one thing I have never understood is why a foreigner married to a Thai only has
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