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  1. Would love to know how many government ministers have interests in these nominated insurance companies so anyone doing a border run when they eventually open will have to buy and insurance policy surely if you have travel insurance that states Covid is covered that should be enough but I have a funny feeling tourists are going to be fleeced upon arrival.I’m starting to feel like a prisoner in Thailand was planning to go to the U.K. next year but it looks like it won’t happen I am coming up to my 70th Birthday I was quoted 87,000 baht for Covid insurance for 1 year with a Thai insurance company
  2. Soon to be 3+ trillion when there are no tourists as we approach the peak season might as well cancel Christmas and New Year for 2020.
  3. These s need to wake up sooner rather than later tourists of any kind and any nationality are not going to come until this quarantine ruling has been thrown in the garbage can if they don’t it will be many more trillions of baht lost as we approach the peak season
  4. The cruise ships that used to come in to Koh Samui would be berthed out at sea for no longer than 24 hours passengers would disembark at 9am and had to be back on board by 5pm . I had family on one of them by the time we had a bite to eat and a drink it was time to get them back to the port between the four of us I don’t think we spent 5,000 baht in the whole day and that was for the food and drink as we went to Santaburi golf course sadly we didn’t have time for a round of golf
  5. I’m getting fed up writing the same thing which is “ More BS from ministers who cannot grasp reality in that the normal everyday tourist is never going to come to Thailand whilst any form of quarantine is a stipulation .
  6. The fella is a how he ever got a ministerial post is beyond me
  7. OMG 39 dirty farangs arrive oops sorry there Chinese they cannot be dirty farangs I doubt that number would of even covered the wages of the flight crew let alone the cost of fuel . Question is how many tested positive no doubt that will be kept very quiet.
  8. Only 41 what happened to the 120 + that were meant to be coming the airline must be running at a huge loss if there so few travelling
  9. Lead by example the Thai government should be the first in the line to show the people there is nothing to fear by having the jab
  10. Total BS from this minister the Thai economy is and has been on the cliff edge well before the protests even started one of the reasons why finance ministers keep resigning as they know the PM would ensure that they were the fall guy once the public find out that all the money has well and truly been spent
  11. OMG 400 I hope they are super super rich or is this just more BS
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