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  1. For your info some 20 people have died in the U.K. even though they had been vaccinated twice due to the latest Indian Covid virus just because you’ve had two jabs your not immune to getting Covid the vaccine is there to help strengthen your immune system it’s not a vaccine to stop you from getting Covid
  2. You can include Koh Phangan and Koh Tao on that list people are so desperate they are trying to sell anything they have to make ends meet absolutely no help coming from the government I even read 6 million had registered for the food discount in the first 50 minutes of it opening that shows you how desperate thing have got as for the deputy pm it’s time the men in white coats took him away to a secure unit he’s lost the plot !
  3. I got so fed up trying to register on these sites I jumped into my car to my local government hospital and registered there and then the car journey and registration took less than an hour far quicker than the 3 hours I spent on my computer. Now I have to wait my turn for confirmation of my appointment but as the hospital told me they have to vaccinate the Thai residents first which I fully understand .
  4. Why have an election the winner has already been decided Same Same nothing changes
  5. “TRUTH “ that words is not in the government’s vocabulary I believe the doctors more than the clowns running the country they treat there people as if they were idiots . What I have noticed it has gone very quiet from the fella who said he is full control of Covid has he gone into hiding
  6. Totally agree with a population of 70+ million it’s going to be a long haul after all two jabs are needed per person
  7. If it does happen they might attract a 50 millionaires if they are lucky multi millionaires wouldn’t waste there time in Thailand they go for the Tax Free havens such as Belize ,Virgin Islands and many more these guys are living in dreamland it’s sounds like a desperation idea to generate income into an economy that is about to see real hardship millions unemployed suicide rates at the highest ever recorded in Thailand , shoos boarded up ,hotels struggling and a government that couldn’t organise a PI$$ UP in a brewery
  8. As usual passing the buck how this guy ever got into government is an absolute joke
  9. Why pay outrageous prices that true charge get a vpn for $5 per month and live streaming watched the Wales game last night on BBC iPlayer
  10. All you need is a vpn and tune into the U.K. channels it’s that simple
  11. That is good enough reason never to purchase the elite membership all they are after is ones money typical attitude <deleted> Jack we’re okay . Sorry about your circumstances maybe you should write to the PM because they’ve treated you in a unacceptable manner .
  12. What has alcohol got to do with Covid my local gym can have as may as 30/40 people in at one time sweating there rollicks off and it’s impossible to wear a mask yet a bar cannot sell a beer that may only have 12 customers in it by the way is there a bar and restaurant in the government building bet they’ve got no restrictions
  13. More BS in truth they are running out of money you only have to see the amount of borrowing over the last few months This time next year Thailand is going to be in deep deep trouble and these incompetent fools haven't got a clue how to avert it .
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