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  1. Any foreign individual entering Thailand must have a $100,000 insurance package that has written into it that they are fully covered for Covid 19 also they must provide a medical certificate no older than 72 hours prior to departing the country they are travelling from this includes Thai nationals as well as foreigners as far as I am aware this has not changed and my wife who is stuck in the U.K. tells me it’s impossible to get either of these requirements if that remains the case come September I will be pulling the shutters down on my property and returning back to the U.K. for the forceable future.
  2. I think there is a lot of exaggeration going on here the only so called hotels up for sale would be flea pits that should have been knocked down years ago Samui is full of well known international hotels Who might well have to reduce staff levels but will survive .
  3. thedawnrehab.com is a centre in Thailand that helps people with addictions . I found it by using google I don’t know your financial circumstances but this might be your best avenue to help you . I also am aware that Thais who have the same issues will go to their local temple to seek help and spend time in there .
  4. I was brought up in an alcoholic environment I have a son who is an alcoholic and no amount of money has been spent to try and beat his problem . My sister is an alcoholic thankfully she has been dry for 18 years but everyday is a battle even after 18 years . I never realised that my son had gone down that road as he was living away from home , when he came to visit he used to constantly be leaving the house For 5 minutes I used to think it was for a cigarette as I did not allow smoking in the house and I had given up years before due to him being asthmatic but it wasn’t that at all he used to pop out open up a miniature bottle of vodka and down it in one go then place some chewy in his mouth to take the smell away apparently he’d been doing this for a number of years he was very clever in concealing his problem to his then partner . Your suggestion to buy a smaller bottle does not work the guy has already admitted he is an alcoholic the only way he can beat it is to stop drinking . I have just googled alcoholic centres in Thailand there is one called “ Dawn “ maybe that would be a step in the right direction for him .Whatever Path he chooses I hope he can beat this terrible illness .
  5. The biggest problem of being an alcoholic is owning up to it and that’s exactly what You have done step two is trying to change your current life style and I think that is going to be difficult maybe your best bet would be to return to your own country and seek help if that cannot be done seek refuge in a temple a lot of Thais who have drug or drink related issues enter a local temple to seek help maybe you should consider this . Whatever your decision I wish you well on your path to recovery maybe you can google the 12 steps , my sister is a recovering alcoholic She has been dry for 18 years every day is a test of her will power.
  6. Take it with a pinch of salt my wife’s 3rd BA booking has just been cancelled for the end of June ,besides that they have just informed every single one of there employees that they are to be made redundant and that everyone can reapply for there jobs on less pay and work conditions .
  7. With the Thai economy about to sink faster than the Titanic they will miss his financial contributions in the local food outlets he frequented. At 64 he can go back to his homeland and be well taken care of by the state .
  8. Will that mean the cancellation of 2nd hand Chinese submarines and 2nd hand armoured tanks from the Ukraine.
  9. How deep are your foundations on the car port that will depend if you can go up another floor I would imagine looking at the pictures that you might have to re enforce the foundations
  10. There are no flights from the U.K. to Thailand and if there was you have to meet to conditions set by the Thai Government 1, Every foreigner entering Thailand must now have $100,000 insurance policy stating in the policy that you are covered for Corona 19 ( this only applies to foreigners not Thai nationals ) 2, A medical certificate must be issued prior to flying the certificate cannot be older than 72 hours before departure and must confirm that you are free of Corona 19 ( this includes all Thai nationals as well as foreigners entering b from other countries ) As a foreigner if you fail to have the above you will be refused boarding onto your flight.
  11. It is on the islands has been for 5+ years no medical certificate no E of S the only thing they have changed is they now allow your medical certificate and Bank Statement letter to be up to 7 days before you would have to do it on the day of application . I just wish that there would be a National standard requirement but throughout the kingdom rather than each IO making up there own rules and requirements
  12. I live on the islands the first time I did it cost 800+ baht at government hospital blood tests x rays the lot but a friend told me go to local medical clinic or Bandon hospital 250 baht an thats what I have been doing for the last 4 or 5 years had no issues at IO just hand over the medical certificate I will be doing the same next week as my E of S is up for renewal.
  13. Am I Shocked “Absolutely Not” this was alway going to be the case
  14. I will tell the wife to remain in the UK and if this goes on for months I will pull the shutters down on our villa and return back to the U.K. for as long as it takes there’s more to life than a block of concrete
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