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  1. I'm planning to purchase this computer and make sure I like it. If so and I bring it to Thailand - if it was to need a repair in the future, do you think the computer repair shops in Thailand would be able to get parts for it if needed? The possible problem being that Samsung is no longer selling laptops in Thailand.
  2. "How To Start Your Own 'Stop a Douchebag' Movement" www.youtube.com/watch?v=LocSrtr-YAs
  3. If you haven't already, see the Stop a Douchebag movement videos on Youtube.
  4. You should have quit while you were behind, long ago in the thread. ""Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt" [or in this case, to post on TVF]
  5. Interesting info. What are the right shops on the internet?
  6. Thanks to everyone for all the feedback. After I saw all the posts saying buy in the US (and before the newer posts saying 'Not necessarily') I went to a local electronics shop in the US looking for a lightweight Windows computer (I've always used a 15.5" screen or 17", but I need a light one to travel with). The store had this Samsung 13.3" for the same price that Samsung lists it at on this page: https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/windows-laptops/notebook-series-7/notebook-7-13---256gb--np730xbe-k01us/ 2.8 lbs. 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD. 13.3" screen. (I agree the RAM and SSD are minimal amounts but liveable I think - or hope). $999.99 USD It converts to a touchscreen tablet with a pencil. I have no interest in that aspect and it probably adds a few hundred to its price. But the positive about this store is there is 30 day return with no restocking fee. I've never used a Samsung nor a computer with a 13" screen nor one this lightweight so I appreciate the chance to make sure I'm happy with it. But Pib's post #20 points out that Samsung stopped selling in LOS - something I wasn't aware of. This is the reason I had thought I'd wait and buy one in LOS - I'd hate to purchase a computer in the US, have a problem in LOS and find that no one offers repairs and/or has no access to parts. Some of you have run well on not buying lemons, but that hasn't been my experience and I've definitely had to take advantage of warranties in the past. Now that I see several posts mentioning that it is possible to get good prices in LOS sometimes - and 1 person got an international warranty - I'm leaning again to waiting. But I imagine there is no way to purchase a computer in LOS and have the option for a return within x amount of days with no fee? I've always found stores with this option when I purchase a computer and that used to be Amazon US' policy also, although clearly many/most of you are comfortable purchasing without having that option of a free return (usually within 30 days). Something I guess I'll have to get used to.
  7. What I am missing is what I stated I was search for - Samsung laptops. If you look at the filter choices, Samsung is not even listed. However, Pib in post #20 helpfully pointed out why.
  8. I haven't ever read any posts complaining about Lazada's website - perhaps it's me - trying to compare computer prices - I enter Samsung Laptop Computer and I get computer paraphernalia from various manufacturers, but no laptops. Also tried Samsung Computer, Samsung Laptop. So far I'd say the least efficient website I've seen in years if not ever but you guys who use it must have figured out how to make it search properly??? EDIT - Just went back there - this time on my umpteenth try Samsung Laptop actually showed me 5 laptops - and then endless Samsung keyboards and extras.
  9. You beat me to it - they came to mind right away when I read the OP. Their videos are excellent and so are they.
  10. How delusional you are. "As a smoker before..." "...partially now (in the pub after a few)..." - You are still a smoker. (And you don't only smoke in the pub when drunk). "...I always try to be a courteous person." "When it comes to whiney, demanding little b****es who freak out at the mere whiff of cigarette odor from nowhere near them, those are the ones smokers love to grin at, then blow a big fat cloud their direction and watch them twist." Yes, you are definitely courteous... You are the reason why people hate smokers - their selfishness and lack of respect for others.
  11. Yes. And I believe that the majority of those drug addicts (cigarette smokers) who are crying and whining about Thailand's new law forbidding their stinking habit from polluting residences are the same ones raving on about the evils of (the other) drugs (and as you point out, based on lack of knowledge and government propaganda).
  12. I read that as "... 430,000 people die worldwide annually from second hand smoke" and 72,000 smokers die annually in Thailand (i.e., 1st hand smoke).
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