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  1. "Doesn't mattter what you pay them...". How much were you paying them, how many days per week were they working, how many hours per day, what work did they have to do?
  2. I entered from the USA on a SETV. Within a week my 1st 60 days are up and I have to renew for the final 30. Would appreciate help for some questions: What line do I get in? What time do I have to be there by? Do I need passport size photos or anything else to provide other than my passport? Is there a fee for the renewal? Also, Bangkok Bank told me they would open an account if I get what is apparently a Certificate of Residency from Imm. I've been staying at a hotel so I probably will be denied but will give it a try. Can the person renewing my Visa also grant me this or do I need another line after I get renewed? I can see from the sample form the bank gave me that a passport photo is needed for this (or possibly 2). Thank you for any info.
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