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  1. In early 2020 Vietnam announced no more 1 year Tourist Visas. Hopefully they will return to offering those when Vietnam opens again to foreign tourists. No Retirement Visa offerings. "I also know people who can get me a 5 yr. done a lot of business there and palm greasing always opens doors." In early 2020 they were busting foreigners who were setting up paper businesses to get a long term business visa. I heard a prominent Visa agent telling a client that she had a client who had the Police show up and arrest him. Some get blacklisted from e
  2. PM 2.5 particles are much thinner than a human hair. It doesn't have to be dusty to have dangerous PM 2.5 levels.
  3. Freefilesync is great software. And it's open source (for some reason F-Droid doesn't seem to have it). Easy to do incremental backups using it.
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