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  1. " Those losers never had the 800k to start with !" "Because of them I now no longer can get an embassy letter ." So first you're gloating and mocking others and stating they don't have 800k to deposit. Then you're crying in every post you make because now you can't get an embassy letter and will have to deposit 800k which is obviously a very upsetting problem for you. I know, I know - you have plenty and could purchase a small country if you felt like it - but in order to deposit 800k BHT you would either have to sell the yacht, or give up the seats on the space shuttle you reserved for yourself and friends, or sell the mansion in Monte Carlo... Dry your tears and give it a rest.
  2. Was about to make a note to try it next time in BKK, but - Expensive prices. 300 - 400 BHT entrees. I thought perhaps the portions are meant for 2 when I saw the prices, but the pictures of the platters look like they are for 1.
  3. To me, Dalat sounded very good in theory. Cool climate, picturesque French colonial buildings. Went there last summer. There is a large lake in the middle of town with swan boats that one pedals by foot. Very nice looking in pictures. The reality: the pictures don't reveal that the water is brown and stinks. There are people fishing along the shore, ignoring the dead fish floating belly up a yard away from where they are standing. The pictures also don't reveal the incessant noise from all the vehicles circling the lake (and everywhere else in Vietnam), who honk their horns constantly rather than use brakes and slow down. Some or perhaps most restaurants still allow smoking inside, which I didn't encounter anywhere in Thailand or Malaysia. Overall, was very disappointed.
  4. You can get a price on the Grab app. Test it at the same time of day when you plan to depart for more accuracy.
  5. In the US, just having a fender bender and driving off will get one arrested (perhaps not in all states, definitely where I live).
  6. Should the bar owners BE PROSECUTED for selling the addictive drug of alcohol? How many in the bar - ladies and customers - are "hooked" wth this drug? I know - you didn't find alcohol on the official Government "Bad" List, so it's ok.
  7. Thanks for posting. That would explain what I was questioning. If they ask everyone who signs up to rate them on Trustpilot and are not giving a reward for doing so, then the overwhelmingly positive posts are meaningful, and my conspiracy theory was wrong. An awful lot of 1 star (with 5 the best) posts on other sites, but hopefully they are a tiny minority.
  8. I appreciate this thread. I was planning to use Transferwise after reading so many recommendations on TVF. However, after looking at the myriad of non-stop negative reviews on several sites mentioned in the thread, I will not. One of the negative reviews stated "Transferwise is great if there are no problems. If there is a problem, the customer is screwed." After reading many complaints, this seems to sum it up perfectly. Someone in this thread stated that Trustpilot.com has it rated 5 stars out of 5, unlike the other review sites. Trustpilot is actually the nail in the coffin as far as me deciding that Transferwise is to be avoided - Look closer at all of the glowing 5 star reviews. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/transferwise.com?page=1 They are all 1 - 2 sentences, many of them every day - MUCH too many, from posters whose median number of posts on the site are ONE. So there are either scads of people who had such an ecstatic experience transferring funds on Transferwise that they are rushing to Trustpilot and taking the time to register for the first time so they can write 6 or 8 words of praise. Or - there is a Transferwise employee spending an hour a day churning these out. (And/or a bonus/credit of some kind is being offered secretly by Transferwise for people to "show us some love on Trustpilot.com"). It is obvious to me, and it should be to you, which is the case. The fact that Transferwise feels this is necessary is not a good sign. I do believe that the odds favor a good experience. But the savings are not worth it to me if I become one of the many casualties. (My Certainty Equivalent is pretty low these days - avoiding headaches is important to me).
  9. "...43 bullets..." Because the ammo is sold in a box of 45 or 50, not per bullet.
  10. Even if you don't like his musicals, some of the melodramas are excellent, such as: and
  11. OP - Very sorry that happened to you and your wife. Cowardly animal cruelty and cruel to your wife and you. Awful story. I don't blame her for wanting to move.
  12. The child performance they all have to be judged against: Roddy McDowall in John Ford's 1941 "How Green Was My Valley".
  13. Will take a look, thanks. That's director Shane Meadows. His next film which he wrote and directed, "This Is England" (2006), is a masterpiece. Unforgettable. Was just thinking about it within the last few days. Also reminded of it frequently due to USA news, as even though it depicts 1983 England it's very reminiscent of the discontent in the USA and the simplistic scapegoats people turned to which led to Trump. One of the great child performances by 1st timer Thomas Turgoose (2nd from left), and brillant work by Stephen Graham (middle):
  14. Seconded. That's director Ritesh Batra's 1st feature (2013). The only thing that bothered me when I first watched it was that I thought there is no way that the lunchbox delivery could really exist. But it does - a fascinating and unique cultural custom. After that I watched his second, "The Sense of an Ending (2017), which I would recommend highly. Great cast - Jim Broadbent. Charlotte Rampling. Harriet Walter - really impressive - she shows how to take a small part and make it special. I love "unraveling the truth" films - when they work, which this one does. (Iranian director Ashgar Farhadi's films are another great example of this. Such as: 2012 Academy Award - Best Foreign Language Film).
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