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  1. Is the lead up to the election going to cause THB to lose some of it's value relative to other currencies, at least for awhile?
  2. 5 weeks in CM last summer: One time an Asia couple lit up inside a restaurant (roof, open on one side and front). I was leaving but mentioned it to the cashier who apologized and said he hadn't noticed that, which was possible. Otherwise, no problem at all with smoke where it is not allowed there. I was impressed. Actually - 3 months total in Asia last summer, that is the only incident of smoking in a No Smoking area. I was impressed.
  3. In the US, the state I previously lived in and the current one both ask on the Driver's License form if one will allow one's organs to be procured (does sound more benign than "harvested") upon death and they indicate that on one's license if yes. Does Thailand have anything like that - to indicate on DL or elsewhere? I was also reading up on Wills and Living Wills. In one older thread NancyL states that the LanaCareNet form has been accepted for Living Wills unless a hospital insists on its own form. Is that still accurate? I read in one thread of a wallet card indicating Living Will. That's an excellent idea - is that from LanaCare also? One other Will question: Reading threads on Thai wills, it seems that even if I have a US [non-Living] will, that if I have funds in a Thai bank I need a separate Thai will for that? The US executor cannot get access to the Thai funds?
  4. I've had problems twice due to booking using Vietjet's website. Low cost airlines never refund. The owner of my hotel in Da Lat told me that even when they cancel flights they won't refund and will only give a credit. It's obnoxious and horrible cs but that's they way the operate.
  5. JimmyJ

    Another new hazard on the road

    Saw one in the US for the 1st time 2 days ago in a bank's parking lot.
  6. Also relevant viewing for those who have accepted the governments straw man - the criminalization of drugs (never including the legal drugs of alcohol and tobacco of course): "I am really moved that the top-rated Fox News host @TuckerCarlson - who has v different politics to me - said on air I changed his mind & he now supports decriminalising all drugs" - Johann Hari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YIB6YtG7CQ&feature=youtu.be
  7. I have a secondary phone carrier/phone number, for VOIP calls. That number will not accept "promotional" SMS - i.e., SMS sent from a 4 digit number - the company's sender ID - rather than a normal telephone number. Perhaps your bank changed their methodology of sending the SMS alert and it is now a "promotional" SMS, and DTAC doesn't accept those.
  8. I've had an inguinal hernia for about 1.5 years. I used to only notice it about 5% or less of the time so it had no real effect on my quality of life. I'm noticing it more now. I realize getting the operation prevents the rare condition of a strangulated hernia which is extremely dangerous. However, there have been a lot of issues recently with the mesh used causing problems, e.g.: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/nov/25/hernia-mesh-implants-cost-top-british-athlete-five-years-career-dai-greene https://www.generalsurgerynews.com/The-Great-Debates/Article/01-18/To-Mesh-or-Not-to-Mesh-That-Is-the-Question/46624?sub=3518DEAE395E322F12EFAFD253BD61AD6FFA66F89E4D27182DDAB90146CE6A&enl=true And in Europe currently the medical advice I see frequently is similar to this: "4. Eligibility criteria Inguinal: For asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic hernias, a watchful waiting approach, under informed consent, is advocated Surgical treatment should only be offered when one of the following criteria is met: symptoms of pain or discomfort that interfere with activities of daily living, OR the hernia is difficult or impossible to reduce, OR it is an Inguino-scrotal hernia, OR the hernia increases in size month on month." http://www.westnorfolkccg.nhs.uk/sites/default/files/pdf/WN-2017-0161a - Hernia.pdf (I realize that the above is Britain's National Health Service info, so some may argue they are advocating watchful waiting rather than an operation to save the government money). I'm in the US currently, and deciding if I want to get it operated on here, or continue the "watchful waiting" unless one of those conditions arises, and if so, get it done in Thailand where I will be living. So I'm eager to hear of experiences of those who have had this laparoscopic operation - mainly - no problems afterward? Did you have it done in Thailand? Have a surgeon and/or hospital in Thailand/Asia you recommend? The cost? Thank you.
  9. JimmyJ

    newbie in chiang mai

    Is there insurance included with those prices (I doubt it). Is insurance offered additionally when renting? None required by Thai law I assume? What happens if the scooter is stolen?
  10. JimmyJ

    Recommend A Book For Our Thai Class

    Is the class part of a school with different locations in Thailand? Do you recommend the school?
  11. Name me a place in the world where there are christians and no murders, rape or hatred of non-christians? OK with you if christianity is banned?
  12. What's with the military uniforms?