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  1. Going back to when I started this thread - MJ got the phone app working again, and that still remains my main #. I got Ultramobile/Paygo as a backup, as well as Ting which I kept live for my 1st 6 months in Asia but found it was overkill and cost more than Ultra Paygo so cancelled it. I was planning to cancel Paygo once its wallet it empty, but since apparently if I wanted to restart it I (or someone else) would have to do so in the USA, I will probably keep it active and pay the $3/month as a backup/emergency option. It is listed currently as my primary # for rec
  2. Same issue with Vietnamese listing apartments, as well as restaurants and other businesses, in the Viet Facebook forums. The most basic details, such as what city, price, etc. omitted. Bizarrely when asked for specifics the answer is often "Inbox" - they send the answer in a private message.
  3. ultramobile.com/paygo has the $3 plan. I guess you are referring to T-Mobile switching to $10 plan.
  4. Did you have a friend in the USA activate it and then send to you in Thailand?
  5. The only way I can see this as natural causes related to swimming is: Person 1 of started to drown - e.g., stomach cramps. Person 2 tried to save #1. #1 grabbed hold of #2 while struggling for air and they both drowned. Unlikely but - thinking back to my Junior and Senior Lifesaving swim courses - that is one danger when trying to do a water rescue.
  6. The man who called the op is her boyfriend/husband/pimp. Money is scarce so they brainstormed and she came up with a sucker from the past but she was positive it was a waste of time. Her guy said "Give me the #"...
  7. Not familiar with Chaos. If it's a website, could you pm me the url? Thank you.
  8. Living abroad but keeping an identity in one's home country. Thanks to a helpful person in these forums, I started using MagicJack's phone app, which gives me a US VOIP phone number. Currently and for the last few years that is the phone number I use with all my accounts including especially financial and government. I also pay a US carrier for one of their phone numbers, which I use for everything else including all my calls. The MJ is an app on that phone so it's one phone with it's own number plus the MJ app with its own number on the same phone. Periodica
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