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  1. You could negotiate one of the studios here to less than 10K Modern building, but small room https://www.hipflat.co.th/en/projects/lumpini-place-rama-4-kluaynamthai-ilgxsy#available-units
  2. Ratchadaphisek Soi 6 (Tha Pra) used to live round the corner and was addicted to a clam burger they used to sell in 2008 ish. It was something that shouldn’t be. I have no idea what was in it besides clams. 19 Baht and I ate one every day for 6 months. EDIT: Blimey; I found a reference to it online #memories
  3. Used to visit every Friday night when it was at Soi 33 #officegirls how is the place now that it’s miles away from anywhere?
  4. I believe it will be extended for another month. there is nothing to be gained from throwing people out when tourists and FIFO folks can’t get it
  5. Just can’t see them forcing people out when they are losing all that revenue from tourists and the Fly in fly out, crowd.
  6. I’m on Non B multiple and on amnesty as last stamp expires on June 8th. i can’t imagine they WONT extend the amnesty after July 31st. It makes little sense to kick people out when people aren’t allowed back in. wonder if border runs to HK or Korea might be available app ?
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