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  1. Another brilliant marketing stunt for Phuket / Thailand. The pockets are so empty that before getting 70% vaccinated it will be hart to see any business returning... NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT the vaccination only protecting at a 90% rate and efficacy maybe a year. By the time the last one is done you will restart.
  2. cant wait to read the headline... we running short of vaccines ;-). At least we are back in the top 50 of countries vaccinated per head %
  3. Sad to hear. RIP Always be careful taking additional medication especially with vaccines that are strong boosters. Unfortunately nothing is 100%. Either vaccinated or non-vaccinated. Something's got to give.
  4. The Thai AZ factory is producing for south east Asia. My guess is that the production is sold out thats why others need to be ordered. Also better to have many different vaccine suppliers to make everyone happy and get more T money
  5. The usual experience with announcements. Website not operation and looping around... after getting in the registration is looping around... GREAT as always when you deals with amateurs/dilettantes
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