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  1. I think what is sad is 1000s will leave and thousands of condos will go unrented Then the market becomes unstable Rents will surely go down If enought go unrented then there may be a condo crisis This whole visa thing was not thought out at all
  2. Not only that but how many condos will sit empty because there is no one to rent them This whole visa thing will backfire It was not well thought out
  3. Yes Thailand needs a satellite just the same as it needs Submarines. Toys for the boys is what it is all about and it makes no sense to have them
  4. Truth is Thailand wants to get rid of expats even thought they are not a strain on the Thai system
  5. Actually I have lived in Panama and it is a really nice country Very friendly do expats and very very easy to live there and work there No 90 day reporting or other ridiculous requirement Good infrastructure and hospitals as well What Thailand does not understand is they must compete with the rest of the world for expats money or there will be a breaking point for people will not come anymore
  6. Actually I have been here for 15 years and it is not that affordable anymore I am considering a different country One that does not require you to tie up a lot of money
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