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  1. You didn't touch a nerve, and sorry to be blunt. But you are not being helpful. You are suggesting that I don't have the balls to make the ride. I have done it before. I don't want to do it again.. it is a waste of my time! If you have no money and lots of time you do it. I have money and don't want to waste my time so I will pay somebody to do it. who is manning up now?
  2. Yea Man up, right. Some of you guys make me laugh... Man up.. LOL! ... I asked about a delivery service not for a pep talk on how I should just drive the bike again to Bangkok WHICH I DON'T WANT TO DO! I prefer to spend a couple thousand baht (which is nothing to me) and have it waiting for me at my condo in BKK. I make 3000THB an hour sitting at a desk. No need to pound my ass into the ground for 3 hours choking on exhaust and dodging uneducated Thai car, truck, bus and other bikes to save a couple thousand baht. I found a moving service (suggested by someone actually trying to be helpful here) that will take me, my belongings and the bike for 4000THB. I will ride comfortably in a cab and have someone load and unload the bike and my belongings for me. Some of you guys can't read.. I asked about a motorbike delivery service. Not for advice on how to "Man up" whatever the hell that is... over and out.. LOL!!!
  3. Made the inquiry. They do not accept bikes from Pattaya to Bangkok on the once a day 2pm train.
  4. It certainly does... I'm not looking to do it again on my 125CC Nouvo. Been there done that and hated it. Give me a big bike and I'll do it. My friend routinely makes the trip on his 1000cc Honda.. no problem. 125cc Nouvo.. NO THANKS!
  5. I've done it already last time I made the move from Pattaya to Bangkok in 2015 ... I rode on the same make and model of bike. It was a hassle.. didn't care for the long ride. Anyways, as you can see in my post I was asking for suggestions on how to ship the bike... not looking for encouragement to ride it to Bangkok from Pattaya. No thanks for absolutely no answer to my question.
  6. What make and model of bike were you riding? BTW no thanks for your Non answer to my post. Not looking for people to try to convince others how cool they are for riding long distances on a bike. I am not looking for encouragement to ride my 125 CC twist and go for 3 hours in heavy traffic at high speeds on unfamiliar roads. I've done the trip already on a 125CC Nouvo. No thanks, I'll ship it and ride it in town for short trips when I get it there.
  7. The Train from Pattaya station doesn't take bikes. I went over there yesterday and asked the station master.... Mai Dai !! Mai Dai... oh well. Yes the Post will do it but the bike has to be shipped out of Banglumung Post Office in Naklua... too much hassle because has to be packed etc... but the price is not bad 1200THB + packing 300THB
  8. Thanks, he is booked already otherwise I would have used his service, but I found another moving service that will take my things, myself and my bike in one trip for a bit more money. They are based out of Bangkok. Christian quoted a good price though, better than the Bangkok service. I appreciate your suggestion, after all it was the simplest and quickest solution for my move to BKK. Cheers!
  9. Looking to get a service to take my motorbike from Pattaya to Bangkok. I did the ride once before and can't be bothered with another trip. To much on a small bike. Anyone have any ideas? thanks kindly for informed answers.
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