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  1. what paper work did you have to give them? Residency certificate? Photocopies of passport with visa and extension? what? thank you
  2. I just hope while trying to find alternatives you aren't just building up to a slip. Myself I've never heard of any other way than AA and it has worked for me. As long as I work it. Meeting are not required to get recovery from alcoholism the AA way. BUT .. If one wants recovery the AA way doing the 12 steps is suggested and if you want to take the suggested program then one must do the 12 steps. If you are practicing the 12 steps then one is also practicing step 12 and should be looking for other alcoholics in his/her community to take through the steps.. then a fellowship "grows up around you" as a result of YOU helping alcoholics stay sober the AA way. So many people in AA put focus on the meetings ... but that is not the message of recovery. The message of recovery is: Recovery through a spiritual awakening brought about by doing the 12 steps "
  3. I won't ever quit the program of AA ( doing the steps ) but I have quit many meetings especially in and around Thailand because the meetings are just as you describe. The "Friends who don't drink get together and talk about whatever and sometimes not drinking" Fellowship. Too many meetings like that and frankly they call themselves AA but only a few people are really doing the program. They are just meeting makers and some of them may not even be alcoholics ( I actually know this to be true in a couple cases) Just hard drinkers who found friendship in AA .... this is actually very bad for real alcoholics who show up looking for help because many in these "meeting maker" meetings are NOT talking about how to recover by doing the 12 steps of AA. Because of this I have started my own online meeting with Big Book enthusiasts who understand that to recover we have to practice the steps daily. (MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO MEET WITH US) I don't wish to hang out with guys 30 years sober who have never worked the steps... yes there is a guy in AA around here that said that in a meeting not too long ago. That guy doesn't have my problem. I could not go for anymore than 6 months using just only meetings. I finally had to do the steps with a sponsor ... then I got recovery. So you don't have to quit AA. Just quit the meetings but still do 12 step work ... hell if you are in Pattaya .. go out to some bars in the morning and sit down next to an akly who is putting his first drink down... The big book says to start of by just being friendly... then take it from there... you might have your self a sponsee if you do a good job at using the instructions outlined in "working with others' chapter.
  4. I've been a long time AA member and am an alcoholic. For a long time I didn't think I was an alcoholic because I didn't drink daily. I wasnn't a maintenance drinker. It got to be a problem for me so I would stop for a couple months. But then I would decide to "party" again and try to control it. I found in the next 3 years of trying to control it I really could not. Once I started drinking I would just keep on going. Then after I really honestly wanted to stop I found I couldn't do it permanently. The best I did was 6 months. I also tried ONLY AA meetings but not the 12 steps. That didn't work very well either. I stopped for longer but then I'd go back to it just the same. Finally I had had it and asked for and got a sponsor in AA. I did the 12 steps with his guidance and finally I got real recovery, not just abstinence but a feeling like I don't need a drink anymore ... ever. All this from practicing the 12 steps and having some open-mindedness. The Book Alcoholics Anonymous as a precise definition of what alcoholism is and I am cutting and pasting a summary from a Blog that I publish. Here is AA's description of what alcoholism is "as they see it" from the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" The problem: Alcoholism - a illness that has two parts. An allergy of the body coupled with an obsession of the mind. AA states “alcoholics are powerless over alcohol”. “We alcoholics are men and women who have lost the ability to CONTROL our drinking”. (Page 30 Alcoholics Anonymous) a) Allergy of the body - also described as a physical allergy to alcohol. A person with alcoholism lacks the ability to control the amount they take once they start drinking. A physical craving develops after one or two drinks which overwhelms even a strong desire to moderate or stop. This craving happens only in people with alcoholism and is an abnormal reaction to alcohol. The medical explanation of this is that an alcoholics body metabolizes alcohol "improperly" and slightly different than a non-alcoholic. This difference sets up a craving in alcoholics AFTER they start to drink. This is why AA's benefactor Dr. W. D. Silkworth describes it is an allergy. Alcoholics have an abnormal reaction (same as an allergy) to alcohol. When non-alcoholics drink their reaction is normal, they enjoy one or two drinks and nothing bad happens. When real alcoholics have even a couple of drinks they can’t help but to continue drinking. They are compelled to keep drinking by a physical craving which is an abnormal reaction to alcohol. Alcoholics are allergic to alcohol in much the same way a person may be allergic to peanuts, but instead of developing a rash they develop this physical craving to keep drinking. This is described as the "phenomenon of craving" (Doctors opinion chapter in the AA book) b) Obsession of the mind - also described as a mental obsession. Even when sincerely wanting to, a *real alcoholic will find he or she cannot quit entirely. They lack the ability using will power. Real alcoholics cannot abstain from alcohol for any lasting and contented period of time even when honestly wanting to. Alcoholics have an alcoholic mind which dooms them to make the mistake of the first drink over and over again. When sincerely not wanting to drink, they might stop and be able to stay sober for awhile, but eventually go back to it with the same undesired consequences. To summarize about alcoholics. They are: a) Powerless to control how much they drink once they start. (this is the Physical Allergy) b) Powerless to quit drinking entirely even when honestly wanting to. (this is the Mental Obsession)
  5. I am actually moving to Bangkok but am not sure for how long ... The Drivers license is a 5 year license that is expiring in August. I was thinking since i got the original in Chonburi I should renew in Chonburi DLT. Good news I can renew the bike reg 3 months early. If I move to BKK I don't want to hassle with changing the plates etc.. because I might just move back to Pattaya anyway. Better question is: How difficult is it to renew a drivers/motorbike license in BKK if you originally got it in Chonburi? I have a 5 year license that expires in August 2019 Can I renew a chonburi plate in Bangkok? Or do I need to do it in Chonburi...? thanks all for your help so far. My plans changed, I thought I was moving out of country, just now I'm moving out of the province... LOL!!
  6. Anybody know if it is possible tor renew the registration on my bike early. I am leaving country before it expires and wont return until after. Would rather take care of it now... same for my drivers license. I want to renew it early too as my 5 years is up in August. Anybody try that before? Is it allowed? what's needed? thanks, likerdup
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