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  1. Don't forget cashed up remainers - panic buying serves two purposes; 1. You and your family won't go without. 2. Empty shelves, queues at petrol stations and the like piles pressure on the no-deal maniacs that would threaten the stability of our country. 3. Draw money out of your bank - they may have a 'bank holiday' to stop a run on banks - so let's get one started. "By any means necessary" - Dominic Cummings - Malcolm X
  2. Two stiffies on this thread - though I doubt it somehow !
  3. Everything is turning to sh&t especially the pound cheered on by ignorant idiots waving the flag and raising two fingers to johnny foreigner. Good job Thailand is effectively kicking most of the impoverished Brits out - good guys in bad guys out. In Europe it is inevitably English football yobbos that start trouble , beered up to the gills and wanting to relive WW2. Go out for a drink say in any city in Germany on a Saturday night and you will see peaceful folk enjoying themselves and having a drink socially and responsibly. Compare that with any town in the Uk and the contrast couldn't be more stark . We have been rotting for years and now have the highest drug consumption in Europe and Brexit has brought our xenophobic, nasty small minded yobbishness to the fore. I hope the European fishermen give a good account of themselves on November 1st if Britain tells the EU effectively to f'off. If these little Englanders want war them let them have it. From stickie... It used to be that most people you met in Thailand had a life. They had a real job, earned real money and they actually did stuff. Their life was not spent in front of a computer screen, wasting their day on a diet of Facebook, ThaiVisa and downloaded movies. Early retirees? Few and far between. Digital nomads? That wasn’t yet a thing. People had real jobs and were doing real things. Maybe they worked on the construction of the skytrain or the likes of the new airports in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. Maybe they ran the IT Department at Thai Airways. These days Thailand feels like it is full of poor farang. Chancers, wasters, retirees on the breadline. Sure, there are lots of expats doing well for themselves, foreigners in business and wealthy retirees….but there’s a hell of a lot who just seem to exist
  4. I'm for Londinium - if the jews can claim rights going back 2000 years then let's bring back the Roman Empire. To paraphrase Monty Python what has the EU ever done for us ......
  5. And yet the thick as mince cheer it on -here they are in all their glory. But don't worry that dear Mr Loiner from down the street has said it's all going to be alright once we have left. We just need to leave , he said , and that will be that. Is it I said - it is he said. So we better hurry up and leave I said , he nodded. "Don't worry dear, that lovely Mr Johnson will sort it all out and take back control." Control what , I said and he smiled and nodded and tapped his nose. "Control- we'll will have it back". Oh good I said because we wouldn't want to be out of control would we, that would be a right old mess. And so he will. Goodnight children , time for bed , sweet english dreams and say goodnight to the folks gracie.
  6. A working class Tory if something to be .......very prescient views from the glue sniffers in the car about the EU.....
  7. Seriously all these new members are nothing to do with me as welcome as they are. This is the most significant political event to happen in my lifetime so it's not surprising that some new members want to get it off their chest and get involved. No new Leavers I notice ? Yer know whadda mean ? Alright I'll come clean I have been recruited by George Soros to bring on trolls to help flood internet board with positive remain messages. I am being paid in bitcoin and each recruit gets a proportion of that. It is an affiliate model so if they recruit then the same deal applies. Do you want an invite code - but there is checking of messages and quality constraints. So you can't just post mindless drivel. We have crib sheets with daily lines to take as well. Tis just what the russian trolls did during the campaign but this time it's for Remain.
  8. I'll have a go. When will you REMAONNERS just get it WE ARE LEAVING on October 31st. Get over it - the britsih peeple have spoken and we hasve had enuf, innit. I don't mind the fit bird immigarnts - they can stay but the rest - eres the door sling it. (then don't forget your shouty meme)
  9. At least Vogie makes sense. Your avatar Mr Numbas is pretty telling unless you are a clever Remainiac troll masquerading as a Leaver to discredit the cause. If so very clever indeed. I wish I had thought of that.
  10. We need properly costed options before executing a plan not hearsay and back of fag packet calculations , pickled with lies and dark manipulations. Now we have a much clearer vision of what Brexit would mean what is wrong with putting it back yo the British people. If all you Leavers think it is a popular as you seem to think then you have nothing to worry about.
  11. For the record I live near London/Kent border and live for 3 months in Thailand every year Dec-Feb. That said we want our Baht back we'll settle for 45 we're not greedy. On the 22nd June 2016 the spot inter-bank market saw: Open: 1 GBP = 51.6002 THB Close: 1 GBP = 51.7445 THB Average: 1 GBP = 51.6823 THB Lowest: 1 GBP = 51.6782 THB Highest: 1 GBP = 51.6864 THB So from the day before Brexit till today 37.55 Baht down 27% over 14 baht for every pound - well done you Leavers keep up the good work. Plus 50 was easy to calculate how much things cost - you've screwed that up as well. I don't do p4p anymore but as an example if "short time" was 1500 baht the price pre-Leave vote was £29 it i now £39.94.
  12. I have a lot of both so don't worry about me - it's our poorer brethren who need them and you leavers have directly impacted the living standards of Uk expats in Thailand with your selfish actions. And you won't even say you're sorry. Look what else you lot have done.....
  13. The pro-Brexit UK Yellow Jackets have just released their manifesto .
  14. Shame he might get his country back to find himself replaced by a robot. He is working class he works for those with capital - robots are a lot cheaper , getting intelligent don't need holidays and are manipulated by their owners to bring about profitable outcomes. 'appen ...Brexit is a nonsensical distraction and cruel punishment for the working and middle classes of this country. Which if they have their way we will shortly find out. He seems to think he has won a Brexit Lottery and now someone want to deny his prize. Shame there is no prize - that bird flew about 20 years ago. Elite politicians - who does he think Johnson , JRM are if not elites. Here one of his new mates
  15. Never mind that nonsense I want my Baht back that you lot have been stealing from me over the last 3 years.
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