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  1. Always liked Long John. Here's the title track off his '71 It Ain't Easy LP. Produced by Rod Stewart and Elton John with Elton John on piano and Ronnie Wood on guitar.
  2. BoDeans performing Ballad of Jenny Rae live off their 2 CD live set from 1995. Frickin' kick arse guitar playing!!
  3. BoDeans performing Fadeaway at the Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI in 2004. Not sure they ever made it over to the U.K. but a great band from my neck of the woods.
  4. Bryan Ferry performing Slave To Love live. YT won't allow embedding for this video so copy and paste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74LsTRDZgFI
  5. Elton John performing Tiny Dancer live in Hyde Park September 11, 2016. Such a sweet, beautiful song.
  6. David Bowie & Freddie Mercury performing Under Pressure. Wonderfully complimentary voices.
  7. She's a living legend and deserves another post. 73 years old when she performed this in 2013.
  8. If she can belt out a song like that, talahtnut, imagine her beltin' out a profanity laced tirade when she's infuriated with ya 'cause, by God, it would literally feel like ya got whipped with a belt. Nah. I prefer my wife kick the dog when she's angry. Painless. Tina Turner can belt it outta the ballpark.
  9. The Doors' Riders On The Storm alternate Version. Banter for about 2 minutes so hold tight.
  10. The Stones performing Midnight Rambler live at the Marquee Club in '71. One of my favourite tunes off the '69 Let It Bleed LP. They stretched it out to almost 10 minutes. Excellent video quality.
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