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  1. Yup - I am British - I also wrote to them 48 hrs ago and while I usually get a response same day - Now there is nothing up until now. I am guessing that the customer services team might not know what the answer is yet. When I review the application in the system (few mins ago) I can see that there is no extra insurance being required (below is the last stage for attaching documents scans before applying) - However since this will get reviewed manually before being approved, likely might get rejected - and yet unknown.
  2. Thanks for that UbonJoe - I looked at this same page yesterday and there was no Medical insurance requirement and as you have pointed out - It is now there today. I did contact the Embassy by email yesterday and expect to get a response back latter today.
  3. I currently have an application for O-A visa saved on the electronic application system and waiting for my criminal record certificate before completing the application. The anticipated date of finalising the application is 16th October and my flight is 7th November. Does this mean I could be issued with an O-A visa, but because I arrive at immigration without medical insurance I will be refused entry?
  4. While the new requirement for medical onsurance starts on 31st Oct whan applying for O-A visa, but since the visa allows for multi entry - what happens if leaving and returning country after 31st Oct - does medical insurance cover need to be seen by immigration when returning to Thailand or is this medical insurance only required for when the application for the O-A is made?
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