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  1. It's not a lockdown, it's a request for citizens to be civically minded and to follow the advised precautions.
  2. The only non-masked person I've seen inside a shop is at Home Pro next to BigC on the Hang Dong road a couple of weeks ago. He was an angry looking farang that walked fast into the shop and half pulled a mask out of his pocket as he marched past the security guard asking him about a mask.
  3. Apparently the car wash around the corner from us in our village (southern end of mueang) has been struck by covid, which explains why it is so quiet today. The car wash is a front for an online gambling shop and drinking den, so it's not surprising it hit there. My brother-in-law tells me to go home when he sees me because he is afraid of the UK variant - it doesn't register with him that I haven't been out of Thailand for 6 years......
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