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  1. I thought it was odd too that the tests were so different. I'm not sure I agree with you on rating the candidates.
  2. The element with the least forethought is having to show an ability to converse in English with a candidate who may not be able to speak English. My partner was teamed up with a lady who was on her 4th attempt - the level of stupidity here is astounding. When she then went on to sit the GESE test in the UK she only had to talk with the examiner (who by her position we can assume speaks English) and she passed first time. Not only that, the language used in the GESE test was the sort of conversations you would expect to have in day to day life, whilst the IELTS tests was expecting my Thai gf to have a conversation about mountain climbing in Austria. If the GESE test is an option take it.
  3. are you saying you were refused on the financial requirement but are sure you meet it through savings?
  4. Tried to book an affirmation at the British embassy in Bangkok, but their online booking form is showing no available appointments for the whole of 2019. I have been through the process before in 2018 but the wedding had to be postponed. I have emailed the Embassy but no response as yet. Anybody else having issues?
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