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  1. Nice if one is a condo owner. Seems like some of the bigger problems are if one rents a condo or a room in some other type of place, and the landlord has no intention to give you his ID copy, a lease, report anything himself, etc.
  2. Yep I was there. I remember the panic when the place shut down at like 8 PM one night and the people looked really scared as they thought military was coming in. I was in some bar and they just ushered everybody out to the street. People scrambling to get out of sight, back home etc. for a curfew that was summarily announced. Newspapers taped to the windows of the 7-11s as if to make them look closed.
  3. had some pretty aged railroad tracks in my home town. Trains still used them but they were not passenger trains. Just some local freight trains. But the railroad tracks in Northeast USA were subject to weather, frost heaves, rain, snow, heat, bugs etc. I used to walk along the tracks, North Chelmsford Mass for example was very scenic. wooded area, beautiful in the fall, a few clearings over looking the Merrimack river. The railroad ties were rotten wood. The spikes in general were all loose from years of flexing and frost heaves. My god I can't imagine having passenger trains using such things at speed.
  4. Seems pretty clear you are not a proper tourist by most accepted definitions especially if you stay for most of a one year in Thailand. I would not be surprised that even if you do get a Tourist Visa, the immigration official at the Thai border may turn you away at some point.
  5. Well, I was initially enamored with Thailand after my first visit in 2004. I have visited as a tourist 14 times now I think, sometimes staying as long as two months. I always envisioned some longer stays, partial retirement there, etc. But the rules and policies, and reporting requirements really are increasing to beyond just an annoyance. At this point, all I can see is me visiting twice a year on 60 day initial STV's each time paying for the additional 30 day extension for a total of two 90 day visits. I just don't see things settling down and stabilizing and more and more requirements will be levied on expats.
  6. I disagree with always. "What type of scheme did you come up with?" as a counter example.
  7. Obamacare in the USA forced people to buy coverages they did not want and did not need. The courts ruled that catastrophic plans were "bad" coverage. Sorry, but I prefer to seek my own council on such things and make my own informed decisions
  8. all most likely true. But Thai logic and mentality is one of the strangest things I have ever experienced. Although I think there are more than a few hundred expats
  9. Just walked by the "massage by the blind" shop on second road. I did not stop in but maybe they would fit the bill?
  10. That looks like a pretty cheap and poorly prepared rail bed. I thought these days they used concrete sections, continuously welded rails at all the joints, etc
  11. I went through BKK immigration July 23, 11 AM, arriving on EVA Air from Taipei originating from Los Angeles. I'm a US citizen. Haven't been to Thailand in a few years. Got the standard visa exempt entry stamp. Que was moderate. Maybe 3 loops around half of the immigration hall. Nothing overflowing down the ramp. Noticed that two of the immigration guys were not bothering fingerprinting the people in their lines. I guess that helped speed things up! I was through in about 25 minutes. Really never stood still in line, just shuffled along.
  12. I feel sorry for the honest decent black guys trying to make a go of things in Thailand or those that are there on long stays. But the bad black guys should realized they are fairly easy to spot and are liable to get pulled over for questioning!
  13. Witherspoons on Soi Bukhao just around from LK Metro. Not quite a pub atmosphere. The sportsman over on Soi 13/2? Queen Victoria Pub on Soi 6. The Quaint little Buther's Arm Pub on Soi Bukhao has closed and is now some sort of Burger place
  14. They may find the address the person submitted when they purchased the SIM, but that does not mean the person is there. If the person is walking about with their phone turned off, most phones with very few exceptions are dead to the world. That is what turned off means
  15. There is nothing special about what I wrote. They are all general open policies available to anyone that cares to look at such things. Again, funny how people love to try and toss insults or make negative assertions about things they know nothing about.
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