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  1. she got her skin scraped off, pustules and blisters popped and lanced. Very likely to leave some sort of mark
  2. are there any pre fab houses available? In the USA there are some pretty well made units, assembled indoors in a factory environment, all interfaces, plumbing and electrical installed and pre built. All you need to do is prepare the foundation per the prints, hook up the infrastructure, septic/sewer, water and electrical after you deliver the house.
  3. something like that would be perfect for me as I am semi retired and doing on and off contract work
  4. Sounds OK to me. I am planning on going the week after Songkran for well deserved 90 day holiday
  5. put the ads on the pages, the side or whatever, but not in a person's ads
  6. Just still amazes me how so many Thais will rationalize anything to offset their own bad behavior.
  7. I think it is disgusting and grossly improper to include such things in an individual's post.
  8. Just in case some of you are not aware, many states allow you to get some sort of identifier on your driver license for many things, such as being a veteran. Such a thing can come in handy getting some discounts and stuff. It beats carrying around a DD-214, and those of you that are not enrolled in any sort of VA medical or were not retired but only separated may find this a convenient way to prove you are a veteran. My Florida license is up for renewal in a few months so I went to the main Florida website and it says that as of Aug 2019 all DMV sites can do it, and you can also do it from the renewonline. I tried it online today and there is no option to select or add any sort of Veteran designation from the renew online. I called the Palm Beach office and she said you have to come in person. I said I understand, but just wanted to point out and double check that the main site, www.flhsmv.gov site says it should be available online.
  9. And this will only get worse going forward as more houses, condos, hotels spring up. The worst thing is the leaking pipes. The pipes in many places are quite old and do not hold up under normal western country pressure levels. If a pipe cracks or leaks, stuff you don't want gets into the pipe. A little leakage out is OK, it is the stuff that leaks in that can be an issue. At least in the USA towns issue boil water alerts when pipes bust or service work is done
  10. I just saw one of my post and there is a big color picture add, and some hyper links. I did not put that there. I do not support or use or promote that ad. And I am not and should not be associated with that ad in any way, shape or form. Thai visa should not be doing any such thing and associating me or others with things we did not put in
  11. I don't know about you or where you get medical, but getting accurate and reliable price information in the USA prior to treatment is pretty elusive. heck I went for some physical therapy and after they evaluated my coverage plan, they said oh you have a good plan. Good from whose point of view? They absolutely would not give me a quote. I had a rough price estimate supposedly from my insurance company of 45/hour so I was not too concerned. After the first session, I saw they billed my insurance 575 bucks! I called the place and they said, oh we just by default bill 3 times the maximum allowed medicare rate, but usually your insurance will only allow so much. So I called my insurance company and sure enough that is the game they allow them to play! It turns out the insurance has negotiated rates of 65/hour and that is what finally got billed to me. Odd that their own website for the exact therapist estimates 45. The agent told me, well that is just an estimate! So I queried further and called back the therapist's office/billing. I said I was disgusted with their practice and plan to change therapist offices. I asked what do you bill if I walk in off the street say with no insurance? She said 75/hour. I said why did you not tell me that? Are you obviously trying to just bill and get as much as you can, and hoping that the insurance company slips up and pays you that 575? She got indignant and told me she can file a complaint if I wanted.
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