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  1. my answer is to not do it, or if you do do it, buckle up and get to work. You took the woman in, you are responsible for raising the child and educating and seeing to his welfare until he is a capable adult. It may be hard and taxing, and send you to an early grave, but them's the breaks. The woman is now "saddled" with children and is dependent on you.
  2. Oh you mean don't do what 70% of traditional western marriages were like in my paren'ts the 50s era did? Marry a woman and have children. The wife was a stay at home mom, home maker etc. Man goes to work and supports the family.
  3. They really are working very hard to kill the golden goose.
  4. Guaranteed to happen in my opinion. Even if the expat has good global insurance that covers him in Thailand but not bought in Thailand, it seems to be exceptionally hard to prove he has such insurance. Some words about a certificate, that needs two big wigs signature.
  5. Yes Ko Samet. Try for Malibu Resort on the southeast part of the island. Not the big city. Fine little hotels, nightly beach barbecues, fun snorkel boat excursion you can go on for half day with lunch. Usual massages available, etc. Not much night life, so it is Bring your own entertainment. Now having said that, I have not been there since 2004 during the Tsunami! But looking at some Youtube posts, it doesn't seem to have changed too much in that area anyway.
  6. Yes, but in this case it is done with much advance planning and selfish purpose
  7. Of course there is a risk to the newborn. "non-detectable" is not absolute.
  8. Stupid comment from you. I meant risk of HIV to the mother, obviously since she already is infected. Come on, stop being argumentative
  9. There is no risk to the mother. The risk is to the newborn. And I am very well informed.
  10. Yes, but it doesn't seem to address what a retired or non working person would need. Now I am not really surprised because even though the METV is a tourist visa, I thought the original intent was for frequent travelers that had business, and it was not just supposed to be a sight seeing come and go a lot tourist visa.
  11. I think it is unfair to expose the newborn to such a risk.
  12. I would keep a copy of the new passport application you mailed in. That would explain things,... maybe if needed
  13. Of course have to wonder what happens with a "Thailand" insurance policy the new OA visa folks will have to buy before coming to Thailand. What prices will they get charged?
  14. Bring only carry on(s). hard to do for some people I know, but makes travel so much easier in and out of airports
  15. Jesus. Getting a bank letter on the same day as going to immigration. Can be a bit of a logistics and time problem since there is no way to be first in line at immigration if first had to go to a bank somewhere.
  16. As I said there is risk. And it is far from clear how to get a policy that is not on that tgia website "approved" .
  17. I would ALWAYS file a tax return. The reason is it closes things out and documents your income in a single place. You will find when you retire that many USA state agencies and other places want to know what your last year's income was. Now maybe you made less than $10,000 and are single and technically do not need to file a tax return. That is your choice. But we just went through several issues with my old Mom who despite my warnings does NOT file a tax return every year. Her only income is a little social security and she does not have to file. But it was awkward at best to convince State help agencies that she had low or no income, just because she did not file!
  18. Got paid a bonus!? As the company knew clearly it was headed for or already was insolvent? Now you sue
  19. Not my risk to manage. He puts himself in harms way and for hours disrupts other people's lives. He risks paying some consequences.
  20. The girls would have to work a lot of overtime to make such a big impact
  21. Get Adobe Pro or Adobe Distiller, scan in the thing and add your Middle Name or Initial. It is not your fault your university is being obtuse or making incorrect records or has no process for updating records for accuracy. I would think a call or two or email to some officials at the University where you got your credentials from may help... or not. Depends on the quality of the school
  22. Oh I routinely have return ticket later than my original 30 day visa exempt arrival date. About 1/2 the times on my trips I expect to extend another 30 days, but of course no way to do that in advance before getting the visa exempt on arrival! And a few times EVA I purchased open ended return date. Never had an issue. As long as ticket says round trip they seemed to be happy?
  23. probably has a law degree, maybe even an accredited one, but is not licensed to practice in any state, or province or whatever governs Thai practices.
  24. Got bad news on the phone, tossed that in the pool and decided to call it quits. I only say this to suggest they really should look at the phone call and message log.
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