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  1. Agree. If you look at the wording of the last order it focuses and starts with Pension and I am sure that while the current scheme where they just look for monthly transfers could be absolutely enforced, I doubt that the actual source of the transfers will never be questioned. Remember, the original idea of income presumed and in my opinion always intended to be interpreted as something concrete and with legs, i.e. pension, military retirement, etc. Of course the Thais are not ignorant of rental income, probably not as fluent in investment income/dividends/interest. The problem with showing transfers over the last 12 months is, it gives NO proof of there being any actual sustained income in the future. A person could just be spending down some cash, and soon may be on skid row. Or, as I am sure some people will do, is they will borrow some money to make the transfers and they will be deficit spending because they want to stay in the LOS.
  2. One possibly can reside/retire with the same money, and only spend that much. Just because you now must transfer in 65k does not mean you have to spend it
  3. And fees to make monthly transfers, or now require more dead money in a bank account, etc. But to me, Thailand still is cheaper and with some benefits and things to do that just are not that easy to come by in the USA. I mean come on guys, granted one can't live by foot massage alone, but $6 bucks an hour, and $10 bucks an hour for oil massage is tough to beat for the price and quality. Street food is still cheap and plentiful and the open air dining can be pleasant.
  4. Well, normally one would pass a lie detector test as having answered truthfully and faithfully about having income. However, the current direction of the Thais is no matter what the income source is, one MUST make monthly deposits of at least 65,000 baht into a Thai bank account. I myself will have income from dividends and interest, but at the moment that apparently is irrelevant to the Thais as their narrow minded approach is to simply check that one has made monthly deposits. Now whether those deposits come from somebody simply spending down some cash holdings, borrowing, money, or whatever, in no way proves one has any sustainable future income, which was the intent of the previous laws.
  5. Just a heads up to those that have not seen or looked yet. Besides the new tax changes such as to the changes to the standard deductions/exemptions, the 1040 form now is geared to replace the 1040 EZ and the 1040 A. The 1040 now has schedules to replace what used to be line items on the long 1040.
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