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  1. They should install pressure washers to deal with the amount of s..t they produce.
  2. Close enough, Luxembourg. It's basically a law firm, who handle affairs for the Belgium embassy. Hope for the Thai community here that they handle things better, but I doubt it. I contacted the embassy in Belgium directly, just to let them know about the circumstances, but it won't change a damn thing. Let's look if they come up with a brilliant idea.....555 I would have not a problem if immigration in Thailand plays with their own rules. I would need 1-2 visa exempt entries this year, and a SETV from Cambodia and Laos, which are trips planned anyways.
  3. Simply amazing, I was told today at the local consulate, that they cannot process any visas before 26th as the honorary consul is not in the house. My flight is on 25th I wrote a mail to the embassy to confirm, it won't change a damn thing. But it would at least serve nicely to prove I tried. However I doubt I'll hear anything from them.
  4. I would suggest to ban all soap items and other lubricants from being imported. Same as they banned 3D-Printers because they could be used to produce weapons. 555- LMAO
  5. Well, I skipped a few, even when going to Lao for an afternoon of cheap booze. Never a mention about a skipped TM30, but then, I don't have to do the 90's or extensions or anything else what they could use for pressure. Funny thing, the local immigration office told a friend that's not necessary to fill the TM30 when just an overnight in the next larger city. That was less than 2 weeks ago.
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