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  1. No amnesty extension! So that means all 90 day reports have to be done on Monday, August 3. Immigration offices cannot handle the deluge of expats reporting all at the same time. There has to be a grace period.
  2. Steven100: Halting trading of a stock has nothing to do with it's daily operation.
  3. Yes, however when you normally have to report, Immigration says you can report 14 days before report date and there is a grace period that allows you to report 7 days after due date. 90 days from your last report date due after July 31 plus 7 days grace period which was normally allowed.
  4. Anyone know why I can't book a domestic flight on AirAsia using my Samsung tablet with Firefox browser, but can book a flight with AirAsia using my Samsung phone with Firefox browser? PS: THERE ARE NO DIRECT FLIGHTS FROM UDON TO PHUKET WITH AIRASIA UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1. They cancelled my August 1 flight from Udon to Phuket.
  5. Will there be a 7 day grace period when new reporting instructions are given for those that did not have to report before July 31?
  6. How is domestic tourism going to help the Thai economy? If a Thai has 20,000 baht discretionary income to spend and goes on a holiday in Thailand he is not buying clothes, furniture or electronic equipment. All he is doing is taking money from one pocket and putting it into the other pocket. There is no increase in GDP You need foreign money from tourists to increase Thailand's GDP.
  7. Required 90 day reporting has been deferred or suspended until after July 31 due to the Covid-19. However, if you want to report now if your due date has expired, you can do it. What is the advantage of waiting until after July 31 to do your 90 day report or doing it now if you 90 day period has expired? You still have to report. I see all these posts saying you don't have to do it now wait until after July 31. Why?
  8. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the US government stated the filing of income tax returns for the year 2019 due April 15, 2020 is deferred until July 15. Can I file an extension on July 15 for an October 15 due date.
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