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  1. Feb 18-I Much better(?) at night ***************************
  2. 30la, you're so right. I'm thinking the same. Each day. Do you have any idea, who could do anything today, tomorrow, next week, next month? I'd really love to read some input, from everyone on thaivisa.com ******************************
  3. Feb 18 At noon - almost the same picture: Phrae 10:00 61 ug/m3 - AQI 154 ******************************
  4. Feb 17-I More bad air? Everly Brothers thanks for your music. died because of COPD. This never ever could happen in Thailand!? By the way, the Everly Brothers always have been one of the best groups, musically and globally speaking - for ever. Followed by 'The Shadows' and Cliff Richard. Next great group I would say 'The Beach Boys'. Sorry, I forgot to mention so many ... (just remembered Rickie Nelson, Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, Otis, Aretha, Diana, The Beatles, Stones, Johnny Halliday...) It's a strange world ... Sorry, almost also forgot PM2.5 TH-North: But other parts of the world not much better? Remembering a friend - Wolfgang Asam - Munich - Berlin. Tory and Lauren - Detroit Steve - Pensacola George - Ballarat Anatoli - Taching
  5. Feb 17 Pretty bad air up north - Chiang Dao 416 ? ? Fires ChiangMai-Lampang-Phrae (last 24 hrs.)
  6. Travelled to K. P. Friday night. Very bad air in the middle of [115] coming from [117]. - Sugar cane/whatever burning? Saturday morning in the resort an AQI 281 - 331 mcg/m3 in Kamphaeng Phet.
  7. Feb 16-I I'm so glad for Bangkok, particularly for the humans (and animals too) living in Kanchanaburi. - There the AQI is 'down' to 102. I hope and wish this will remain... BUT, what is this? (Screenshots today 17 - 19:00) ****************************
  8. Feb 16 One more sunny afternoon in Phrae. But a peak in the morning. I don't know why... There might be a correlation? ***********************************
  9. Feb 15 Phrae Saturday morning AQI 'only' 104 Upper North worse. Bangkok 'better' Kamphaeng Phet, south of Sukhothai showed us at 6:44 281 mcg/m3 - AQI 331. ********************************
  10. Feb 14-I Fires Phrae and Yom valley - Lampang, river Wang and Mae Moh last 24 hrs. - not in scale ***********************************
  11. Feb 14 Phrae 11:00 22mcg/m3 AQI 72 TH NORTH. green. yellow. orange. a bit red BKK. 13-31 mcg/m3 AQI 53-91.
  12. Feb 13-I Question in the Central Thailand Forum - 'kanchanaburi-air-quality': What is the point of this thread? A weather report? and a clear answer, thanks 'canopy': Canopy - The air supply that everyone is sharing has been deliberately tainted to the point of negatively impacting the health of the entire population living there. This is no weather report, this is serious, man made, and totally unnecessary. Don't let the fact that this occurs annually and is so long lasting bore you of this topic, these attributes should instead sound the alarm bells even louder.
  13. 'The air quality levels in Bangkok have improved to safe levels...' FYI Bangkok PM2.5 levels today: 'moderate' to 'Unhealthy for sensitive groups' Kanchanaburi 'Unhealthy' North of Thailand to a large extent 'Unhealthy'
  14. Feb 13 Phrae 11:00 PM2.5 44 ug/m3 - AQI122 It’s windy at noon windy.com aqicn.org
  15. Feb 12 Phrae - 10:00 55 ug/m3 - AQI 150 Chiang Mai 131 ug/m3 - AQI 190 BKK 43-55 ug/m3 - AQI 120-150 Chonburi-Rayong 39-73 ug/m3 - AQI 110-160 ( AQI- numbers a bit simplified ) Phrae PM2.5 Dec2019 - Feb2020 aqicn.org ********************************
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