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  1. In most developed countries they don't charge foreigners triple for medical treatment and 10 times to enter a National Park. Also the fact that the triple medical costs and this insurance mandate comes a month later is no coincidence. Its openly scamming foreigners.
  2. I are you kidding me! At 57 years old for the Thai insurance the premium is 57,000 Baht for the 400K/40K coverage but they limit outpatient to 1,500 baht per visit. Thai insurance also require a full medical before giving the policy. The medical is so they can determine exclusions. Now for the same premium I get 1.5 million dollars (~50 million baht) for inpatient with no medical required other than blood pressure. I choose to self insure for outpatient as the its the outpatient premium that is a show stopper.
  3. Don't get me started on TM30. Yes, I got fined 3,000 baht when I went from a BOI supported visa/WP at Charmjuree to Retirement visa at Changwattana. CW fined me for not reporting my wife, child and myself on a TM30. Charmjuree has never required a TM30. I also tried to register for TM30 one week before going to Changwattana and showed them my acknowledgment print out but they didn't care. Pay fine 3,000 baht and no fine receipt given back either. I finely got my online passward after 8 1/2 weeks. Have you not been following all the news hype about TM30 controversy?
  4. Charging triple for medical services goes further than belief.
  5. This is another money grabbing scheme targetting long stay foreigners much like the TM30 money grab. Having health insurance is wise but we should also have the option to self insure.
  6. In our building you are the owner of your plumbing-drainage below your unit. If your drainage pipes leak into the condo below you are responsible to fix it. I have been after the owner above me to fix a badly leaking bath drain that would leak through my bathroom ceiling. After threatening to sue him and building management (for one year) they finally fixed the leak. The issue was a 20 year old pvc pipe that cracked at a joint due to improper angling which stressed the joint and after 20 years gave out. They had to chisel out 2 inches of mortar cement to get enough pipe exposed to replace the old damaged piping.
  7. How can we get the shareholder lists of these companies? I'd like to know how many Cabinet, Ministers and other Government are in cahoots. Premiums are outrageous. Read the fine print. You have to have a a full physical to apply for the insurance. So there will be many exclusions making the policy useless. Why cant people self-insure? Or is that coming.
  8. Yet the government hands out 10 billion baht (10,000,000,000 baht) to Thais so they can shop at Tesco, Makro and BigC and planning to hand out another 10 billion. Oh the sanity! coup coup coup.
  9. This mandatory online Thai insurance, TM30 fines, 3 price hospital charges for foreigners is a massive scam. Would not be surprised there is massive kickbacks and collusion. Thais are not happy with this government too. They (government) are very nervous now. Is a revolution, coup, whatever, coming soon?
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