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  1. A post no not one here but a wooden one should be placed in the middle of the black water Chanel and all the water executives be tied to said post I recon this problem would be fixed fast and put down as a misunderstanding.
  2. The word of interest and meaning here is estranged but sadly he missed on two counts oh well.
  3. When I told my wife of this deplorable number of fatalities she replied that it was hardly news same every year give or take a few hundred. I rest my case.
  4. I have a cunning plan, lock them all up in a high max prison and forget about them forever.
  5. I thought black water and foul smelling pollutants was the normal for pattaya beaches
  6. That’s it pull the person in who gave him fish and ice cream no one does that with out murderous intent. But why he ate it bloody well beats me.
  7. Can you imagine a pair of UK traffic cops being let loose in Thailand they would be burned out after a few hour with the amount of tickets they would issue.(1000s) And the Thai motorists wouldn’t know what hit them.
  8. My friend let me advise you war is not Hollywood yes that’s wright not even close. Im a Brit and worked with the Americans for five years outside the wire in Iraq. To be honest my motivation was money but when I was asked by a US colonel what my thoughts were I replied that I hated being on the losing side. I have a brotherly love for my American cousins great people just remember that they are more kin to us than anybody else on the planet .
  9. Headline should read scumbag still breaking into cars. Nothing to do with parents at his age.
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