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  1. My extension also expires on 23rd april. Mine was done in pattaya/jomtien We both get our extra ten days stamp hopefully on 23rd then. Do we need to bring anything else or just our passports?
  2. Yes I wan't to know whats going on with this issue too. Everyone focusing on the news for people who arrived after 1st March. They seem to have it easier. What's the protocol for the majority, the rest of us ?
  3. Who wan'ts a bet the 'official announcement' will be vague, confusing, and also be of little help to 75% of the visitors currently in Thailand ?
  4. How convenient.. So they will have to charge me for a another 'consideration' after just 20 days.
  5. Seems plausible to me. The amount of hoops I had to jump through during the time of a pandemic just to get an extension is beyond comical. They don't want me here, unless they can fleece me while I'm struggling to stay here. Not worth it.
  6. Got my visa extended today, but only by 20 days. Embassy letter and all the other stuff included, so why only 20 days? Thailand does not want us here. Lets oblige them and never come back
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