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  1. Here goes...…... 1. They are mourning the death of democracy 2. They are all aspiring Khunyings 3. Supply and demand? 4. If you can afford one or it's the Honda Dream 5. Built in suction 6. A handsome living 7. Look at the long nose farang 8. They want to catch and fine litterers 9. Simple minds 10. They are liars 11. Cotton non stretch 12. Makes them feel important 13. Aroy mak….very tasty 14. Men's fragile ego's dictate 15. They're everywhere 16. The vendors have been moved 17. I wear them at home, I think they are cool 18. Hard blow with the flat side of a meat cleaver 19. Anything that swims 20. Hat Yai is southern fried chicken Hope your undies dried ok!
  2. Ahh why not? This could well be the most honest cop in LOS! She may be onto something here.
  3. I do hope they ALL have plenty of money in the bank to satisfy Australian immigration.
  4. I only hope 6 billion baht is enough. I would feel shattered if they left themselves short!
  5. Stricter immigration checks by Malaysia...…….....does that happen elsewhere?
  6. Well what are you supposed to do when you grip a chrome pole?
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