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  1. Prawit prefers the Rolex Daytona's and Richard Mille watches, not peasant Rolex Oyster Perpetuals!!
  2. How do they wroe??? Do you wroe? I don't think I've ever wroe'd!
  3. Read for yourself! https://www.thaipbsworld.com/thai-pm-postpones-vaccine-jab-indefinitely-due-to-technical-problem/
  4. You are not very well informed. The vaccine arrived with limited fanfare at Suwanabhumi airport. Certification varies from country to country! Thai's eat somtam, Koreans eat kimchi!
  5. The vaccine was certified for Korea, not Thailand, do the research!
  6. Well I would'nt inject my plastic gekko with it!
  7. Is the cheque still in the mail?
  8. Really? Not even a little bit??? I don't think the forum faithful "seek" an opportunity to pour scorn, opportunity just presents itself on a regular basis!
  9. Wherever would he get another one???
  10. Well, he probably has witnesses to intimidate! I'm sure he asked "Do you know who I am?"
  11. So that would mean none of the political dinosaurs will not be subject to the moonshine?
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