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  1. That does'nt apply to the govt! If the trough gets low, they just borrow more! It's the peasants that suffer!
  2. Planet Thailand of course, the planet around which the universe revolves!
  3. Must be stressful...........Time to go shop-ping!
  4. Grand plans, Phuket models, these clowns would'nt know if you were up them unless you tapped them on the shoulder!
  5. So, what do you say Thailand, time to let Australians re unite with their families in Thailand without all the BS???
  6. The biggest story since 2014 and the coverage by Thaivisa leaves a lot to be desired! Come on TV, give the punters what they want! This IS news! 50,000 protesters, two and a half times the annual road toll, why no mention?
  7. Face! I think Thailand should attack Malaysia!
  8. Is anyone hearing anything? Yes, I keep hearing these voices in my head......I'm sure it's the devil!
  9. Of course they (Myanmar, Lao, Khmer) work for cheaper wages, the point is, how many Thai's choose to sit on their lazy butts and watch rice grow than have a go and at least earn something ?
  10. You truly are an inspiration, pity no one listens to you!
  11. I worked here and paid taxes for 30 years. I have trained hundreds of Thai's in that time, I have seen first hand the Thai attitude to work. Squatting here has NEVER been free! I don't stay in 5 star resorts, I don't live in a condominium, I can take or leave bacon, and I pay for my wi fi, you can jam the EPL! You keep hugging them everyday and do some research on 'Misguided !
  12. The sad thing is the crooked people involved can't see just how stupid they've made themselves look when they could have done this 8 years ago!
  13. Fusebox - why keeps blowing That sucks!
  14. Life is like a s*** sandwich, the more bread you got, the less s*** you eat!
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