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  1. this sounds like Thai economics, particularly with the egg thing. they said there was a glut of eggs, so naturally, prices increased (and have yet to drop here in Korat). is the same about to happen to pork prices?
  2. and what about A/C restaurants? and pubs? and having a beer to wash down the petro-chemical smog at open air restaurants? when will things get back to at least semi-normal?
  3. fewer deaths, not less. less is used for uncountable items; deaths are clearly countable. grammar is important.
  4. my main clinic actually has a phone number, but they didn't answer it for a week. my wife went to the location of the clinic and the neighboring vendors confirmed that the clinic was closed. I took that as proof that my clinic was closed. we also called my eye clinic and found them closed, too. I haven't checked this week, so either or both clinics may be open this week. my wife did find a pharmacy which carried my inhaler, so all is good here, for now.
  5. we checked on one here in Korat but were denied. but thanks for the thought.
  6. anybody got a good idea when clinics will re-open? one of my essential inhalers is only available though a clinic I go to and it's about dry.
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