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  1. At least the reporter was arrested in a civil fashion. No hard takedown, no illegal choke hold, No knee on throat. He should count himself very lucky as those police look like they are ready to take anyone out at a moments notice. Big mistake going for the black reporter first though, BIG mistake.
  2. Didnt they just have an extended holiday? Feed your people first. Am I right in understanding that the average Farang / Thai mixed family contributes more to the economy than the average thai family? With the additional expense of marriage, retirement work permit visas to name a few, support of thai extended families, 800K THB Bank deposits, monthly costs for the company holding your work permit, Visa runs, flights and hotels etc yet, we get very little in return. As one previous poster mentioned, we will always be considered tourists.
  3. My favourite film Tropic Thunder with Robert Downey Jr playing what I believe was the last black face on an international platform. He got away with it and I doubt very much we'll be hearing an apology from him Soon. When will people understand that comedy pushes the barrier to the extreme in many cases. It's not so much about doing the black face rather the context in which it is done. Hell, even black people laughed at this movie. Why? because it was hilarious. https://youtu.be/qEzXD4xImwM?t=56
  4. He asked, why do you think i'm lying? I replied, because your mouth is moving
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