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  1. Visa Agents and bent I/Os can breath a sigh of relief as the crack down spot light shifts to the next disproportionate National Emergency of the Week.
  2. When this was a Hot Topic on TVF about a year or so ago, I asked my usual, quite sensible I/O and she just shook her head a bit, smiled, and said don't worry about. But I recognize Immi offices have different ways of doing things.
  3. There will be more elections, eventual dictators and "forangs" for a long time to come, so you better pace yourself.
  4. 55Jay

    Taco Bell

    Agree on principle. I hit a Taco Bell once on trips to the US, but it's not something I would stand in line for. Certainly not without beef and beans. Once they sort that out, and the "new" factor dies down, I'll stop in when I'm in BKK.
  5. 55Jay

    Taco Bell

    The oldest one they call over must be thinking, "Jeez, it's THIS guy, again". I know what you're saying though, I get it. But come on brudda, we be educated, well-traveled Westerners from advanced countries. Surely we can suss out how to procure a Big Mac from a Thai teenager standing inside a McDonalds, wearing a McDonald's uniform, selling Big Macs. Edit: Try having fun with it next time you go to McDonalds. Ask them for a Double Whopper with cheese, hold the onions.
  6. My overall impression of PI and Thailand in the mid to late 80s was Thailand "seemed" to have it's s**t together a bit more than PI, at least back then. My take away from Pro/Con comments on these types of threads leads me to believe that's still the case, more or less. I do not miss the annual anxiety being in typhoon alley, or living on/near the Ring of Fire, with its potential for earthquakes and associated tsunamis warnings. Been there done that, got a few t-shirts. For now, possible flooding and Thai Immigration isn't enough reason to retreat, just yet. But really, it's cause I'm Tied up with a Thai. If that wasn't the case, me and my ATM card would probably go walk-about in PI for a while. Why not!
  7. 55Jay

    Taco Bell

    Why do you have an unrealistic expectation that young, minimum wage Thai staff at a US based fast food franchises, should speak English? It's a fast food joint, not int'l relations at the UN. Point at the stupid photo and say, "Num-bah Tree Peas" (or whatever). If they ask you, "Sue-pah Sie, Suh?". Don't panic, just say No.
  8. 55Jay


    Good things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. If good and bad are valued 50/50, then karma merchants have a 50% chance on being right about their predictions. When good things happen to a "bad" guy, he's just lucky. When a bad thing finally comes along, surely he "had it coming". When bad things happen to a "good" guy, it's just bad luck and Karma merchants won't have much to say. If good things happen, they'll surely claim credit for being accurate.
  9. When I was playing around with my TW account today, I did a compare transfer test and the default "ACH" displayed a $3 fee. I presumed that was a fee to do a US to US ACH. I wasn't expecting that. The overall fees were North of $21.00. Edit: I'm not complaining. I'm one of the Schwab Bank to BKK New York ACH victims looking for a new gig.
  10. My first Thai Doc flaked on me, thankfully it wasn't a very serious matter. I had accidentally kicked the bottom rung of a heavy, solid wood deck chair on the patio one night. Now, I'd banged my foot before, we all have at some point, but this was next level painful, thought sure there was some damage done. Xrays done, Doc, who looked to be in his mid 60s, went over it all with wife and I, alternating between English and Thai, explaining where the source of the pain was. He was great, and I was pleased with my first visit to a Thai hospital so far. So I asked him the big question I had - was anything broken/cracked/fractured, and he said no. He suggested some physio 3x/week, meds to take the edge off, and I followed the plan. By the top of Week 2, no improvement. The pain was just as acute as it was on Day 1. Went back to see him, he reviewed the Xrays and his notes and I sensed his demeanor change a bit. So I asked him what was up. He waffled then said something might have been broken or fractured. Oh! I kinda chuckled and said, yeah, I thought that might have been the case before and it sure still feels that way now, which is why I came back. So I asked him what's next? He said it was probably too late now, it should have been addressed a couple weeks before. The way he said it, it was as if he'd just met us for the first time and I had waited too long to seek care. Or, as if I had gone to a different hospital, and he was pointing out another Dr.'s oversight. It was surreal the way he was acting and talking. He shut down, it went nowhere, so we left. I did a few more physio sessions there but decided to chew on Motrin and suck it up. Eventually the pain subsided and went away. Never been back to that hospital.
  11. Only Doc I've had a "normal', pleasant experience with in Thailand so far is Dr. Nick. And I don't mean only due to the ease of conversation in native English. Both Thai Docs I've had the unfortunate experience of trying both left me gobsmacked for different reasons.
  12. Useful hands-free device when I'm talking to GF on Facebook Messenger, lighting a spliff and opening a beer with my feet whilst riding 60 kph on the motorbike at night without a headlamp, dodging stupid forelungs crossing against the red. Multi-tasking, Thai Style!
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