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  1. Wife's brother is one of many at Swampy, some kind of baggage/ground handling manager. In his mid-50s, would be up a creek w/o a paddle if he lost his job.
  2. Yesterday, he told the Press rumors of route cancelations were unfounded. He didn't say All's Well, but seemed to be in damage control mode, tamping down leaks and speculation. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1129928-thai-rejects-reports-it-is-cancelling-flights-to-4-asean-destinations/ Sounds more dire today.
  3. Thanks for typing all that out, interesting to hear other experiences. Our first house, countryside, wound up being resolved indirectly by loan sharks.
  4. Ah, ok - was more thinking the 2 existing ones might not like the new addition for some reason. Anyway, empathize with you. I've moved computers carefully, or opened them for cleaning/inspection and never tinker with the RAM in the slots, and still get the dreaded Beep. Sometimes takes a few times removing the RAM (grounding step taken), clean and reseat before it finally boots back up. Pain in the neck. You'll get it, good luck.
  5. Yup, those beeps..... heart sinks to stomach. Just a question for OP, or anyone - would there be potential compatibility issue between the RAM from an older/disused laptop he's trying to use in, what I presume, is a newer computer with more modern motherboard?
  6. You never know..... Certainly not everyone gets this kind of subtle consideration. Within the KK crim/thug universe, our man here has just solidified his reputation as a guy who doesn't fk around when crossed. Rank and file coppers who live out in the wild with the rest of us schmucks, get the message loud and clear. Cautionary tale to farangs playing the field here, especially among the "night people" in the bar/karaoke entertainment industry. You never know how many giks and ATMs "your" new pretty thing is juggling in the background. Watch your backs out there fellas, life's cheap.
  7. The bullet proof/resistant vest I understand, but don't recall Thai cops preserving the honor and dignity of a murder suspect by wrapping his wrists in cloth to, I presume, conceal handcuffs. Very respectful and considerate of them. Makes you wonder about possible links between police and a known loan shark gone "legit" in the construction industry but still has his mafia "hit man" instincts.
  8. Conversation is running through your wife or do you speak enough Thai to go direct?
  9. Musta been newbs. Japanese Customs Officer: "Uhh, sir.... these Thais are wearing panties!?!" Customs Supervisor: "Nandayo! Highree unusual indeed. Check them carefully, one by one, and give me a copy of evidence video later, after work."
  10. Lara Trump was on television saying, glibly, no profit, all done "at cost". Ok, but who's cost? Previous life, involved in herculean efforts to move military flag officers into new, rented houses in elevated threat areas overseas. It costs A LOT to harden, secure and maintain correctly. The necessary Comm suite and related physical security standards alone, were a major undertaking. And that was just a 3-Star Admiral. The offset being it's a longer term investment. The changes made here, and in NYC, to POTUS level requirements, have got to be crazy. In my mind, it's Fraud, Waste and Abuse considering it's for a temporary, elected official when suitable, government furnished accomodation/facilities are available; worse, the capital improvements are being made to his personal and business properties, which he will continue to benefit from after he leaves office. Would love to have been a fly on the wall in these meetings/conference calls between high level legal and comptroller staff.
  11. Jeff gets a bit cranky when he misses his lady boy coffee time. You still have 30 minutes if you pedal fast.
  12. I tried watching the first one a number of years ago, didn't it make it past maybe 10-15 minutes. Haven't bothered since.
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