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  1. Seem to recall somewhere back in Western history, a pack of nutters deputized citizens and suggested they inform on their neighbors. At some point, the request for voluntary, patriotic cooperation turned into a non-negotiable demand, subject to strict enforcement and punishment for failure to comply. Not forgetting what the nutters had in store for the ones being informed on. TAT flirted with the idea of identify wrist bands for farangs. If tattoo parlors start opening in the car parks of Immigration offices next to the fruit juice and noodle stands, it's time to reassess living here.
  2. Does this mean the National Council of Peace and Order will also be shut down, handing the responsibility for maintenance of good order and discipline back to the RTP?
  3. Having been here just long enough to see several "crack downs", that was my attitude. They fade away eventually, until the next crisis blows up in their face, and then they obsess about that for a while. The reaction I got from my I/O last year satisfied my general sense of that trend. I could tell she thought it was stupid, as did I, so I filed it accordingly. Came back and bit me in the arse a year later, like a boomerang.
  4. Thanks for the info. I don't live down there but RMPM was one of my go-to places anytime I was down in the Patts/JT area. I would have breakfast there every morning, I just loved the vibe. Smells and sounds from the kitchen as he and his staff worked the grill, cranking out all sorts of good stuff, Shit on a Shingle, biscuits and gravy, chicken fried steak and eggs. Customers sat around chatting and laughing about sports, or whatever, over steaming mugs of brewed coffee, sharing sections of the newspaper. It felt and sounded like a local diner joint in an American town/neighborhood where everybody mostly knows each other. I really enjoyed that feeling, even if I wasn't a known local, he always gave us a friendly hello on arrival, and a "thanks for coming" on the way out. I was peripherally aware he was trying to sell the place, didn't know it was gone.
  5. It wasn't that bad, just really impersonal and petty compared to what we'd become accustomed to - but that's fine, whatever.... I was annoyed the way she appeared to be all done after poring through my documents at the speed of cold molasses, then at the last second, whips out the 43 year old obscure reg and clubs me over the head with it. Like, "Psych, bet you thought you were good to go, right? Ha ha! Gotcha, sucka!" Yeah, ok, fair play, you got me. Good job. Catch 5 more dodgy farangs like me, you might make employee of the month. But there it is. Just another benefit of being an on-side, predictable, boring "long stay" non-immigrant farang. Immigration checks us in officially at the airport. I provide my (same) home address on the Arrival Card and then must report in person to the Immigration office by the next business day that we actually made it from the airport >>>>> to the house. Granted, it is a 4-hour drive, anything could happen along the way. Extensions. 90-day reports. 24 hour/housemaster reports. Various photos posed around the house. Maps. Make sure the neighbors don't mind mixed marriages and give us a favorable review. Copies of our bank accounts, passports/DOBs, and other personal info laying around god knows where, or recycled for routine use around the office. Wouldn't it be something if Immigration wanted to collect our social media account info, which bars and restaurants we go to in our neighborhood/village, what kind of motorbike/vehicles we have and their license plate #s. That's borderline crazy behavior you might expect from a psycho, massively insecure ex-girlfriend stalker, so I don't think they would ever go that far. Would they?
  6. I got caught up in this snare last week doing my extension (retirement). We'd gone to the US last year for holiday, returned Swampy 6 March 2018 and drove home. Did my annual extension (marriage) 10 days later. This TM30/28 issue had been swirling on TVF around that time so I asked our usual, awesome I/O if I needed to report my return home. She grimaced, shook her head dismissively and said don't worry about it, then carried on processing my marriage extension. Sadly, the entire staff at my Immi office was changed out late last year, including our friendly, sensible I/O we'd dealt with for 7 years. New I/O lady we pulled last week barely looked at me, never spoke to me directly, only to my wife. Fine, whatever. She went through everything with a fine tooth comb, it was like watching worms copulate. Spent about 10 minutes off and on fiddling around with my bank book, copied all the way back to 2015, obviously trying to work out the seasoning. But everything was in order, no problems noted, and she finally collected everything up, signaling she was about to walk it back for approval. Man, I was loving this retirement process vs. marriage! Horray! Out of nowhere, she opened my passport again and pointed to the Swampy return stamp from last year - 6 March 2018 - and said I failed to report my return within 24 hours. After a bunch of BS, she sent us out to the Investigations Division office building to be interviewed and clear the matter. Wife completed a Housemaster Report Form. Guy there didn't lay a big fine on me, just 8 Baht for Xeroxing some pages from my passport and the wife's ID. We walked back to the main office and they finalised the retirement extension.
  7. Jeez, I thought that was funny. I went to bed last night thinking the PT projections had a wide, wide margin. Woke up this morning and Prayuth was nearly in the lead. Amazing, innit?
  8. Yeah, OP, I had the same idea. Overlook the grit, grunge and dysfunction for some cheap livin'. But it started to wear thin after about 3-4 years here. Is it still "worth it"? But every now and then, I'm reminded of the things that are still amazingly less expensive here still - although sure, the quality can sometimes be hit or miss to varying degrees. Rent and/or buying the wife a standard 3bed/2bath box of bricks is petty cash. Did some fairly significant upgrades/reno to a small house we bought last year. 100,000 Baht, used better than average materials, 2 weeks of work, guy did a nice job on everything, really good value IMO. I did a full built in kitchen years ago at another house, my Mom in California spit her coffee out when I told her how much. Just her granite counter tops cost as much as our whole kitchen did.... with granite counter tops. Dentists. Veterinarians. Internet/phones. The big 5 gallon jugs of drinking water delivered to my door, 30 Baht. 20 if I drive up to the mom&pop and get myself. I see an American Doc in BKK for the normal 300 Baht consultation fee. Full annual physical for over 50 male is a few hundred dollars. For as much electric as we use/running air cons, etc., the bills are quite reasonable in comparison. I still chuckle at the water and trash collection bills. Repairs for our motorbikes and cars is uber reasonable. I keep thinking every quirk with my old pick up truck is going to be the big one. Guy plays around under the dash or the hood, puts in a new whatchamacallit, 80 Baht, and I'm driving away in 15 minutes. Incredible. I would like to get out of here too, it's "time" for a change. But I still feel like I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so likely keep our little portfolio here as an aw shit escape plan, and see how things go.
  9. Glad to hear you're erect again. Intended as good-natured ribbingt.... found this earlier today on Amazon, thought of you.
  10. Thailand's wacky crime and punishment system on Junta steroids. 1,000,000,000 years in prison or a 100 Baht fine.
  11. Elections can be won or lost, often in the middle of the night.
  12. You can nearly see the Russian hand grasping the joystick game controller she's holding up. Wouldn't it be ironic if hijacking the American MSM was all part of Dr. Evil's diabolical plot. Played them like a 1980s Pac Man game, just like Trump played the Fox News crowd?
  13. Setting the tone for the new normal going forward. I suppose it's better than stroking their ears, or punching them in the face.
  14. Accidentally damaging a ballot on ballot day is almost as seriut as damaging birthday cake candles on birth day. day. day.
  15. That's what I was thinking. Works well for me, especially with the cops, they just roll their eyes and wave me through.
  16. TW receives the inbound transfer through Bangkok Bank, and then does a local/domestic transfer to their customer's account in another Thai bank. Where's the upside?
  17. On the flip side, the sometimes meandering ways of the host nation really grates. Sure, years of dealing with various host nationals/foreign government officials/military, helps understanding, but doing that for years also wears down one's tolerance. How many times I've sat quietly in Immigration, observing their processes..... just want jump in there...... so much low hanging fruit. After living here a year or two, found myself driving through the local Army or Air Force base just to enjoy a familiar sense of a squared away environment. Grass is cut, streets are clean and tidy, sound of aircraft turning, the acrid smell of burnt JP4 exhaust, the pop pop sounds from the small arms range. All good until, a number of times, they bust the sound barrier and damn near pop the windows and roof tiles off the house. God damn Zoomies!!!!
  18. I think the "suck it up" discipline is stronger, because we couldn't just up and leave if it was hot/cold/sticky/wet/smelled bad, etc. Although I remember executing a hasty retreat the first time I wandered into the "wet" section of a BigC here. Holy !!
  19. Thai Immigration said, "Show Me the Money!". It was like yelling, "Migra!" at a crowded bus station in a Southwestern border town in the USA, just to see who panics and runs for the exits.
  20. Have you always been like that, or is this a new version of you since living in Thailand? Since I stopped working and moved to Sabailand 6 odd years ago, my threshold for headaches and stress is lower than it has ever been. Which still surprises and annoys the shit out of me when compared to the person I used to be. I think, and agree with other posters, that too much exposure to TVF can contribute to the formation of a sour, cynical disposition - everything runs through that filter. Also knew in advance (but failed to act on it) that you have to keep active, physically and mentally, lest your brain and body muscles atrophy; and that can also contribute to a degradation in motivation/energy, critical thinking, and how you deal with routine tasks as well as problems and undesired outcomes that are sure to arise - especially here. All that + the natural aging process, for some, shortens the fuse for dealing with BS.
  21. On that seriut note, FYI, if you happen to have an account with Krungsi Bank, their internet banking platform has a DIY out-bound transfer function. TVF member Pib has done a successful test drive, but noted it was more expensive than his Dee Money trials. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1067993-my-experience-using-deemoney/
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