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  1. I thank all you kind people for the advice. I will start the testing tomorrow and see what happens. I was aware that her immune system was compromised by the steroids and while caring for her was careful to wash my hands frequently, make her wear a mask and keep my distance just to prevent her from picking up something from me. Maybe that will work in my favor.
  2. I made the initial inquiry on post #1. Basically, my GF was diagnosed with lupus (SLE) in February and the initial chest X-ray was clear. Treatment began with steroids which compromised her immune system and she gradually became weaker and developed a persistent dry cough with a dramatic weight loss (48 to 37 kilos) for about 7-10 days before being admitted to a private hospital in Bangkok in April. A chest X-ray now indicated a problem. After four days in the BKK hospital she was moved to a government hospital in her home town who reported that she had pulmonary tuberculosis. So I think that would place me in the category of one with close exposure possibly for 3 weeks to a month since she started coughing. I have no symptoms and feel good. I am 70 and remember a TB test when I was a child but no vaccinations if there were any. Not sure what to do from this point.
  3. Your Apple analogy does not work for this example because in a hospital setting you may not able to to determine if the service, procedure or drug you are given is a value or even needed. Prescribing grossly overpriced medicine and needless procedures to generate revenue is not free enterprise it is fraud.
  4. Thanks! I was a bit concerned of what would happen if I tested positive.
  5. Thank you for the link. You were correct and this is exactly what happened to her. Subsequent blood tests indicated extremely low blood platelet count with a diagnosis of SLE resulting in 4 days hospitalization with immunosuppressant drugs prescribed. Bloating and weight gain occurred for a month followed by weight loss from 51kilos to 37 kilos (normal 47) over a period of 4 weeks. A lung infection developed and was subsequently identified as tuberculosis. During the second hospitalization many other doctors got involved. The two original doctors who we were very happy with only work a day or two a week and were absent so we were referred to a doctor who immediately had her admitted and changed the other doctors prescriptions and started ordering all types of tests and procedures. He was responsible for 4 at least four other doctors getting involved until I challenged him and put a stop to it. He was very unhappy about this and became unpleasant to deal with. After the nurses hung the small IV bags with drugs and left the room I noted the names and doses. I requested an updated billing, discovered the excessive overcharging and finally demanded a discharge. I consider 30 times the list price overcharging. I would not consider any legal action as I think it will be a waste of time and money. Up until this point I had been happy with the quality of the hospital and staff but I guess they have discovered the US model of health care.
  6. I was taking care of an individual who in addition to the initial illness was found to have pulmonary tuberculosis. As I was in close contact with this individual I am concerned and would like to be tested. In the event that I test positive is the Thai equivalent of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) required to be informed and would this affect my retirement visa or stay in the country?
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