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  1. Tell the landlord to clear the unit out so you can put your own furniture in it . What is the reason you have to pay such a large down payment on the property ?
  2. No one can argue with that . Has always amazed me at how farang get caught up every time . There are very few successful farang run businesses, most are money pits just to live the dream of living in Pattaya !()
  3. Every country in the world has some form of corruption . Where I live politicians and local councils are in the developers pockets full time .
  4. I agree with this . Put her in a position so she can’t afford to kick you out . Do not pay it off early . Which in principle means you will be paying interest mainly (normally the first 10 years of the loan) which would effectively mean you have been renting again ...
  5. Yep and who’s going to buy it if they don’t ? I doubt there is a line around the block wanting to buy it .
  6. No offense here but do you think that lands going anywhere ? Hold off until you get back to Thailand .
  7. How long is the loan term ? If it’s 25 years plus you won’t even get close to getting much off the principle and you will have to do all the maintenance yourself . Which would effectively put yourself in the same place as renting ! I never recommend for anyone to buy in Thailand as buying is very easy but selling is a totally different ball game . Good luck though
  8. If it’s worth 5.2 but you are getting it for 4.2 and you are also Paying 1.3 as a deposit then surely you are not far off the 50% mark ? A little creative accountancy might help you get there for a 50% ownership ?
  9. For sure - plus the fact a foreigner can’t be an owner operator which would free up at least 3 useless wages on the books .
  10. Could be something to do with the farang rent prices and T-money
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