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  1. Dr Muller the creator of the PCR test says it should not be and cannot be used to test for Covid or any other live virus. it only amplifies what you already have in your body. So if you have had a cold in the passed your immune will have a record of that for future use. The PCR amplified dead cells. The test is amplifying 30 times if you go over that you will find anything says Dr. Muller. He died just before Chinese flu outbreak. I think it was the Kenya president sent in his test result from his dog and a pawpaw and both came back positive. That's why so many people are positive without sy
  2. Hi all a little advice needed. The Wife and I are thinking of moving to Thailand permanently in the next few months. My wife has been here since 2012 on a 10 year UK visa renewed every 2.5 years, the last one before she gets her Leave to remain but she has had enough of not seeing an English speaking person in the streets often and wants to live in a warmer climate under these Plandemic rules. Now the question is, will I pay tax on used house hold items I shipped, as I will initially enter on a Non O visa and later when the house is sold go for the retirement visa. Also having searched th
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