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  1. OK... Accountant time I really thought I was onto a 175K a year tax windfall for next 7 years
  2. Thanks, Scoutman, I think I read the article you mention, but what is not clear is that starting the LTF which I did today will continue to enjoy tax benefit for 7 years. Or Dec 31st is only the deadline for starting the 7 year fund with the tax benefit. Lee
  3. HI after paying obscene amounts of tax I decided to pump the maximum allowed into a LTF fund with Kasikorn.. Just reading through the info, it quotes the following "Investing in LTFs from January 1, 2020 will not be entitled to receive any tax benefits" I know I have to keep it for 7 years, but does this mean I'm still good for the 500K(or 15% of salary) tax deduction for 7 years? Thanks
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