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  1. I am bouncing back and forth on a Yam R6 or getting an AWD Utility ATV to mess around on. I looked online and found a few places but in typical fashion the website is not very user friendly and shows little about availability Anybody know of a Good Utility ATV business in Northern Thailand. I'd like to get ideas on manufacturer, models and CC's and have a few other questions as well. This is for personal use
  2. People that do well here are adaptable types and typically do not complain much, They go about their lives like they would anywhere in the world. They are likely not "trapped" with no means to move somewhere else should something change. Life here is what one makes it. You can be miserable or enjoy life, choice is yours.
  3. At CNX airport. Left my house drove over mountains to CM only to see temp jump to 39c and the air is unbelievably bad. Lord. They say 39 but feels like 42 and no air moving at all.
  4. As I said, for the folks here that do not like heat, it must be utter hell. Its all manageable for me. I don't mind it and never have.
  5. I know some folks that hide away in a place with AC on at 22C all day, all night every day.
  6. Same here. Its not bad. A good fan in the heat of the day works perfect. A bit of Air Con at night to make it comfy and all good. I set AC temp at 25-26C. Light sheet on top. Wife and I sleep great.
  7. Man bunch of whiners. No AC, Simple fan, relax in shade. Easy day. Must be terrible to live here and do not like the heat. Its either hot or REALLY hot Living indoors with 24 hr AC must suck.
  8. Silly baiting TV thread but funny nonetheless. Enjoy your trip. It always looks better until you land and start paying the premium costs for all those wonderful things you mentioned.
  9. Thanks Kawasaki, Well as you know you can get a moto delivered to your area without issue. But I live up North not to far from CM.
  10. I agree 100%. People seem to base a lot of there latest sentiments on the immigration changes. Many took it personal to the point they started to let their mind run away with them. Again, foreigners seem to have this idea that they want our money but not us. Nonsense!!!. Our living here is noise wise financially. They do not care if you come or go. Its totally the individuals choice. I never felt they wanted me to live here to spend my money. I live here by choice. I am not disagreeing with the Ops feelings, they are his. Age can have a lot to do with that especially based on their living arrangements. However I see many posters POV's are based on what people are posting on TV and they are letting it run away with them. Where one lives has a HUGE impact on ones point of view.
  11. Anybody know who sells the R6 2018/2019? In the market again looking Thanks
  12. Deep topic I know but over the last few years what has really become a huge red flag to me is how people behave. It has become glaringly obvious that a vast number of people aren't really personally happy however they post on social media in an attempt to convince others they are. Posting on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and other sites showing pics to others saying "Look at me" in hopes others respond with "I'm jealous" or "Your so lucky" etc etc. The fact of the matter is those folks aren't really happy at all. It's all a facade. It's really become a weird world.
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