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  1. really ?latest communication was that if you have had test 72 hours prior no issue .. were did you get your information from ....
  2. This ia 110% correct.. had a mate who worked for one of the companies and he said there most profitable line is the imposition of import duties that in reality are not even assessed by customs.. they all are ripoffs
  3. Quite enjoy the ride back to HH to be honest and there is a certain young lady who would be disappointed if i dont make an appearance
  4. Hua hin expat looking to get motorbike from Phuket .. if your driving down and want some company , help out with fuel cost and even share drivivng if you want then please let me know. I will get COVID test the day before departure and have Mor Chana updated all the time ( very low Risk rating) ...
  5. Many thanks... strange they use the term within 72 hours of departure .. technically you could get a PCR test a week before and leave in the car and drive to Phuket 2 days after that and technically be Ok as you have had a test within 72 hours of departure
  6. I live in Hua Hin but need to travel to Phuket to get my motorbike which has been down there for two months . Would rather fly than be driven .. if I understand correctly I need negative COVID 19 test within 72 hours of arriving in Phuket .. is that correct .. is there any other quarantine or restrictions I will face. Searched through the forum but seems to be allot of conflicting stories . Appreciate any guidance on this in advance . I will only stay in Phuket two days then ride the bike back to Hua Hin
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