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  1. Jobs are plentiful for foreign teachers here. I don't think anybody is that desperate.
  2. I doubt that. They don't give a S**T what foreigners think. Thais are up in arms about this on social media. Many of my Thai friends have already posted stuff on their feeds critical of this decision.
  3. In order to attract well-heeled travellers, he said the government should ensure that the health services provided are good by improving the quality of both private and state hospitals. No. the way to attract well-heeled travelers is to clean up this filthy country and manicure roads and clean all the trash dumped on the side of roads. The rich don't want to come to a place where garbage is everywhere and depressing buildings with black slime growing on the exteriors on every corner. Also as they are driven into 5 star resorts, the lots next doors are overgrown with weeds and more dumped trash. This guy is clueless. Thailand will never attract well heeled travelers in droves unless they want to slum it for a week.
  4. My ex wife was a flight attendant with THAI, flying regular routes to various cities in Germany. You are right. They had huge suitcases for even a two day stay, but one thing is that they keep four uniforms in there. Two are normal on duty uniforms, and the other two the Thai traditional dress uniform. (one for each leg of the flight). Walking around clothes for two days while waiting for the return, but she had plenty of space, which she would fill up with goodies for me and the kids from the various countries.
  5. Power hungry. Thailand's "democracy" looks a lot like the old military dictatorship. When will Thailand's people wake up?
  6. Don't know if anyone else has posted the VDO but here it is.
  7. Does anybody here know anything about this charity? I've been reluctant to give to any charity in Thailand as I am convinced most of the funds to go into some corrupt <deleted>'s pockets.
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