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  1. So they don't believe the people are capable of rational thinking....???
  2. R.I.P Mike, at least you didn't sit in a corner and watch the world go by you followed your dreams and lived life to the full, sorry this venture didn't work out but at least you did your bit to advance knowledge with your beliefs......!!
  3. "THAILAND" I hope you are taking note, it is OK to cancel venues if you put your countries residents first, and not the super rich for a change.........!!!!
  4. He really does not get it does he, it's not the laws that are under scrutiny it is plain and simple DEMOCRACY or in this case the lack of it.....!!!!
  5. This just proves they were over priced in the first place..........LOL
  6. Once again the punishment does not enforce any kind of deterrent for others to follow suit, also who knows for how many years this has been going on.....!!!
  7. His reply should have been "Who said I left the military?" .........LOL
  8. If the police did their job correctly there wouldn't be any 13 year old riding motorbikes this is why other countries have rules and regulations which are policed correctly.
  9. How about showing some initiative and reducing the number of days people can throw precious water in Pattaya (usually 9 or 10 days) and bring back the 18:00hrs curfew when all water throwing stops......!!!!!
  10. Looking after the rich and powerful with little or no thought for the common people - Sad for Thailand
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