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  1. Not wrong, they have only been approved in each individual countries.
  2. Desalination plants are a good idea where there are little or no storage areas to keep the excess water during the rainy season or when ever their friends up country turn off the valves. However, as has been pointed out already these type of plants need a lot of power, coupled with the country planning to go all electric one has to wonder where all this additional power will be generated, after all Thailand does not want any Chinese coal fired power stations as has happened in Cambodia.
  3. I don't remember saying marry a prostitute in my post, I suppose it depends in which circles you move around in, I can only speak for myself and have been married here for 28 years without any problems, my wife was a secretary at a school up country although I met her in Pattaya while she was visiting her brother so your comments are way off the mark IMO.
  4. Must be all those dirty Bangkokians polluting the air during the long weekend ..............LOL As usual one hand doesn't know what the other is doing .............LOL
  5. They really do not have a clue, apart from the fact that foreigners coming here do not need any help finding a partner, what about they way they have been treating the foreigners who are married or in a relationship and have bought apartments or houses and yet restricted from returning to Thailand. This is apart from all the additional requirements to come to Thailand. ....!!!
  6. In addition which of the vaccines will be recognised, I do believe the Chinese & Russian ones have not been given world health approval ......!!!
  7. Exactly how do they propose to re-stock all the superstores etc .............LOL
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