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  1. I wonder why the people from Hong Kong don't want justice in China......
  2. What I cannot understand is why the government do not take some kind of action like excavating existing water catchment areas with by digging or dredging them deeper or where possible widening the banks.
  3. Once again we must remember the authorities declared that going through red lights and going the wrong way along a road was a minor offense - Don't think the family of this youth would agree nor would any other sane person. World Class indeed...!!!
  4. But this kind of action does not solve the problem, it only moves it onto someone or some place else
  5. Are we still running with the "World Class Holiday Resort"......?????
  6. Well done Dr Wichit Siritattamrong you are an absolute star sir, that cannot have been an easy operation you have my admiration
  7. What a totally irrational statement to make, he has either not thought this one through or is living in a dream world.
  8. We can see where the chickens are being stored....
  9. It has been said for many years now that there is a farm up north breading women for Pattaya, appears to be true....
  10. Must be the only "World Class Resort" with this type of idiotic ideology as these packs of animals are a danger to not only children but all road users and pedestrians.
  11. Typical Thai not wanting to face up to doing wrong and the people in charge condoning this type of attitude ...
  12. Slight mistake here should it not read "with a parliament whose members are "SELECTED"
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