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  1. The claim that older Expats are runners on hundreds of millions of Baht in unpaid hospital bills is an outright fabrication - a. k. a. - A Big Lie. Younger tourists are more likely to become runners after being in a hospital for weeks from a motorcycle accident or other risky behavior. Then leave their confiscated passport behind - get a new passport from their embassy and leave. I pose that ThaiVisa do a survey. 1. Do you have personal knowledge of an older Expat running on a large hospital bill? ... Approximate date please... 2. Have you read a credible News article citing an older Expat doing a runner on a large hospital bill? Approximate date please - Y/N No. Not scientific but hopefully will get some kind of magnitude number. I simply do not believe the numbers the Thai Govt. puts out - Bogus Propaganda.
  2. The 2nd year of the O-A Visa works like a one year Extension of Stay (nearly identical) except there is no application to extend. An O-A Visa holder merely makes a border run a few days before the Expiry Date of the 1st. Year of the O-A Visa. Upon rentering Thailand, the O-A Visa Holder gets stamped back in 12 months in the future. Then visit the Immigration office to file a TM.30 / TM.28
  3. Link Below: A very good source of Exchange Rates from Thailand Domestic Financial Institutions... Especially for modest amounts of money https://daytodaydata.net/
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