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  1. that's some nice inspiration. on the beginning they thought I would be the stupid taxi driver for everyone. My MIL has always rejected to use the seat-belt until now. My kids know before we'll start, it will come the command to buckle up and a glance in the rear mirror. If I see somebody isn't secured a brake check will follow. After 3 - 4 times that she was scambled in the footwell, she has refused to drive with me and in the village she has told everybody how unsafe I would drive. Still, she don't know what she has made wrong. Mai pen rai, 2 flys with 1 strike.
  2. some US federal health and safety authority. the problem is, that the common americans haven't so much idea form the rest of the world, they are really thinking, their s##t is called everywhere the same. In Thailand must properly it should be the responcability of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare. Questionable is, why he has stopped with his tractor in front of the aircraft which he has pulled. From the video I would say, tractor operator mistake.
  3. furthermore, really dangerous feeding back into the grid. If somewhere down the line the fuse on the transformer burns and the maintenance guy comes to fix the issue, he still face a live line which should be dead. And everybody knows, safety first in Thailand. I've never seen that this guy from PEA doing a LOTO if he fixes the transformer in our village. But, mai pen rai, I have saved some bucks.
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