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  1. This is Sinopharm not Sinovac, Sinopharm is about 73% efficacy. Yes still not 90+% of the western vaccines, but better than 50% of Sinovac. I know someone who had the Sinopharm and still contracted Covid, but very mild and was not hospitalised, sort of like a mild cold he said. So is effective at keeping people out of hospital/dying, just not as effective as others. Sinopharm is also the most expensive vaccine to buy of all of them. Cheers
  2. If I recall correctly the problem with the 90 day website was someone forgot to renew the security certificate. Well with ruthless efficiency they have worked out how to stop that happening again with this app. I have seen it somewhere they get the programming for these apps done by State-owned Krung Thai Bank programmers. So if you happen to have any accounts at KT then I hate to think what the security is like. Cheers
  3. But I thought the Covid Czar had taken control of this personally? Muddying of waters, blame spreading and adding scapegoats is all this is. Nothing to do with improving efficiency. Someone has realised the fan is running and there is a big supply of manure on the way. Cheers
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