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  1. The Montara spill was about 80% Seadrill and 20% PTT fault, 20% to PTT as their company man was not on top of the situation, probably appointed as a mate rather than experience. The fire started after the second rig was in position and drilling an intercept well. Fire started due to static when they started trying to inject cement subsea into the casing, did not get enough of a seal or enough volume of cement, blew out of the open well head and up she goes. On this one there was something about a truck dumping soil in an early report. You can guarantee the full story will never come out. I su
  2. I just realised what his name means. A Nut In charge. Cheers
  3. Come for a wander down Sukhumvit South of Pattaya Tai. Wires getting removed by the truckload. Even the ones that used to go through the roof space of the police box on the corner of Thepprasit. They also demolished some on Huay Yai Rd recently, my bloody internet out for 2 days as Somchai got carried away. Cheers
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