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  1. He failed on his first go-round. (2008 - 2011) Crackdown at Rajadamnoen : (April 10, 2010) - 24 dead, 800 injured; April 22 - 1 dead, 85 injured. Crackdown at Rajaprasong: (May 13-18, 2010) - 41 dead, >2100 injured. Has he spent the last 9 years at attitude adjustment camp?
  2. In the small Canadian village where I attended secondary school there was an elderly Chinese who owned a shop/restaurant & pool hall. I remember buying a pair of blue jeans (old stock) for $6.95 - in the larger centres the same jeans were selling for more than double that price.
  3. I got a ticket for driving through an intersection when the light was flashing green - before it turned amber. I paid since there was a distinct language barrier so any discussion would have been a waste of breath!
  4. I certainly agree! I sit and watch these happenings each and every school day, dreading the day I will have to help scrape them off the pavement. Parenting does not just entail handing over 20 baht to the kid for junk food it also includes looking after the safety, health and well-being of their offspring. Failing that, they should be neutered!
  5. Discuss, discuss, discuss! Instead of 13 police arresting 1 street walker in Pattaya perhaps if they were out and about and visible on the highways and byways of the nation actually doing there jobs there would be fewer issues to discuss! Stop the discussions and take positive actions to alleviate the slaughter!
  6. Perhaps, and not unsurprisingly, they are not aware of issues outside of the countries border. (maybe even outside of their village)
  7. He could always take her to a toilet in the local police station - no charge! Desperation will be obliterated after the election.
  8. That can't be true - there is no prostitution in this 'family-friendly' city or elsewhere in the country.
  9. Until the election is over avoiding billboards is impossible. I hope, starting Monday, that there is a concentrated effort to remove all the eyesores, (and vision blockers), polluting the roadsides.
  10. "An expert is somebody who is more than 50 miles from home, has no responsibility for implementing the advice he gives, and shows slides." Edwin Meese Weather forecasters have no idea what is coming tomorrow - how would they have any idea what is coming in the next several months - perhaps a direct line to Mother Nature?
  11. I wonder where all the routinely collected 20, 50, 100, etc. baht notes are spent? Certainly not on food - smart phones and private jets?
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