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  1. If you don't have a mind it doesn't matter!
  2. I believe the Ides of March to be the ideal date! It falls on a Friday so it would be a good excuse for a long weekend!
  3. Not bad if you compare to it to West Africa and Latin America! https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/adolescent-pregnancy "...adolescent birth rates range from a high of 115 births per 1000 women in West Africa to 64 births per 1000 women in Latin America and the Caribbean to 45 births per 1000 women in South-Eastern Asia, to a low of 7 births per 1000 women in Eastern Asia (8). There are also up to three times more adolescent pregnancies in rural and indigenous populations than in urban populations (9)."
  4. And all these years I was under the impression that it was proof that you had the knowledge, skills and ability to operate the vehicle you were driving.
  5. And we see a photo of a broken baseball bat........?
  6. I just tell them to f*** off - if I wish to donate to a charity I will do so through appropriate channels not give money to some street person who wonders into the shop, or bar.
  7. Obviously they read somewhere where it said "Tear along the dotted line"!
  8. And we even have a drama teacher as Prime Minister - he can direct the ensuing drama as it unfolds!
  9. Driving around this area of Thailand and observing the locals I estimate 95% proceed through intersections without looking left or right - knowing this I stop at every intersection since sight lines are often blocked bu shrubbery or signage. So far I have been lucky!
  10. Perhaps educating the farmers to stop burning crop residue would be one step in the right direction.
  11. The Japanese tourists in Bangkok seem to prefer 'school' uniforms.
  12. This statement, if factual, is very misleading. She is a refugee who has been granted asylum in Canada! There are many hoops to jump through before she becomes a Canadian. I wonder how long it will be until SA sends in the Khashoggi hit squad? Ms. Qunun had the effrontery to denounce Islam, she had the balls to disobey her male relatives so she is eligible to face the full force of the Sharia law. MSB will not be pleased.
  13. I believe the video of the woman being dragged out by her hair happened several months ago - during the interval between that occurrence and her murder she was subjected to " a long series of assaults and battering at home..."
  14. 80,000 cans is about 26 tonnes - how big was the truck? Was it overloaded? Was it top heavy? Did the driver fall asleep or did the brakes fail? So many questions! 80,000 is only the ones that "vanished" how many others were left behind on the road making my 26 tonne estimate very conservative.