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  1. Did not the bus have lights? There are many reflectors on the rear of the tanker but I suppose if the driver was asleep or 'distracted' he might not have noticed this gigantic obstacle in his path.
  2. Perhaps he should return the salary he received from the government during his 5 years of not being an "other state official".
  3. He'll be free by the time he reaches 405 years old! Surely he should no longer be a danger to anyone by then!
  4. Couldn't this be construed as foreign interference in Canadian election - as Trump would call it, collusion!
  5. I don't count the outages at my house but we have several brownouts each and every day. Obviously the generating capacity is not available for EVs if they can't supply power enough for a few light bulbs, the odd refrigerator and maybe a few A/C units.
  6. Perhaps distracted driving (cell phone), perhaps DUI, perhaps speeding, perhaps brake failure, perhaps a loose nut behind the wheel!
  7. I find it truly amazing that many accused felons wear a motorcycle helmet as a disguise when in the police station. Put them out on the road and no sign of a helmet! Perhaps the police supply the helmet and/or dust mask to protect the identity of the accused.
  8. The photographer certainly will not win an Oscar for cinematography. Why these videos are even posted is beyond my understanding - I get seasick trying to watch them.
  9. She was only there to advertise her 'job fair' to promote alternate professions. Connecting HR managers with potential employees.
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