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  1. Makes me believe you don't have any and are just curious about my plans...
  2. A business that I am legally allowed to do and which I will gladly discuss with a lawyer
  3. I am looking for a Pattaya based lawyer with experience dealing with all necessary departments, helping me to get a WP for an existing company with everything that is included, and later setting up the accounting for the company with everything including SS payments etc. Current lawyer who does the annual tax procedure for the company is not experienced in anything WP related in Pattaya. TIA... and just to mention: no, not a bar or restaurant or a massage shop...
  4. Correct. Jomtien only needs the old 90d slip with the barcode to scan in. As of now, for all people doing 90d, they collect your passport outside the office, then you sit down and approx. 10-15 min later they bring the passport back outside.
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