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  1. I cancelled my UBS account 2 weeks ago due to their outrageous fees and bad service. Not yet sure about a solution for the time my pension will start to flow, but still some years to go. Still hoping that ASO (Organization is Swiss abroad) might be able to convince I.e. PostFinance to offer "chap" accounts for Swiss abroad.
  2. You will have to compare the T&C, that is the only way to find out, when the insurance company will pay what. Is theft included to what max, how about water, personal accident protection at home, third party liability etc
  3. Nope. One is a felony against others, the other a misdemeanor against themselves (helmet), and the third one is not definable, because it depends on who will ultimately win and judge...
  4. You can in Europe, it's called the Right to Forget... difference however that Google displays links to pics, Google does NOT copy and paste them to other websites
  5. You are wrong on two counts. First, you violated the copyright of the person / agency who took and posted the pictures. Every picture has a copyright belonging to the photographer or the person (juristic or private) who ordered the pictures. Using pictures for public use (with or without financial interest from your side) without the consent of the copyright owner and/or not mentioning the source of your picture is a violation of copyright laws in almost every country worldwide. In Thailand, copyright infringement is a criminal offense under the Copyright Act of B.E. 2537 Second, e
  6. You are posting pics of women without their knowledge or consent and without naming the sources of your pics, which makes it pretty much illegal.
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