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  1. Phase protector does not show supply problems and when I press the square in the middle of the breaker, the sound goes away
  2. Thanks @Crossy Just been made aware that the magnetic circuit breaker in my pool panel has problems, horrible sound like a bee hive, when the pump starts, takes almost 15 seconds. Sound goes away when I press the black square in the middle. Could this cause the issues with the breaker? So far, it does not seem to be connected, but what do I know
  3. Huge difference between a cash injection as a loan (which Germany opposes) and a cash injection for ownership and control
  4. Sorry again for late reply, tried to find out more about why it trips and why not... but can not find a culprit like i.e. pool-pump starting or using oven.. now for few days - yes, some rain and lower outside temps - no trips at all, so clearly seems to be the RCBO problem itself. @lopburi3 Yes, the current RCBO is getting quite a bit hot when too many things are in use at any one time, so that might well be the issue. Where would I find a replacement for my RCBO? I don't want to buy some fake Chinese product over Lazada @Metropolitian Sorry that I was unclear before. All the devices I mentioned are in the pool area behind the RCBO. So the flow is from the kitchen fuse panel to the RCBO to the washing machine, the pool pump and all those devices in the Patio area (my patio is MY kingdom, so everything is there I need..). For your question about earthing, I think the fuse box in the kitchen has proper earthing, I remember @Crossy confirmed in another thread that it looks like the earthing-wires are there at least. So i guess to be on the safe side, replacement it is, question is from where and how much, what would you specialists recommend?
  5. Wife just drove from Banglamung to Roi Et, told me about the standard 3 traffic checks, but no checks about Covid, no questions about why she travelled
  6. Where I live, at least 6 private aircon stores with either new or second hand aircon. OP should find something for his budget
  7. So your girl gets chemicals to encourage/ enforce ovulation without any tests about hormone levels, without checking about your fertility / sperm... just take an easy way assuming it's her fault anyway... I would be one unhappy customer with that doc, if it was my girl...
  8. Did she get full bloodwork for her hormonal levels? Are the pills hormones?
  9. All over Europe, tracing apps are developed and deployed. The only reason that they are not yet mandatory are data privacy concerns by government watchdogs. In Switzerland, people are registering for restaurant visits already
  10. @AndyAndyAndy: did the doctor do ANY test at all before giving you the pills? First thing coming to my mind is sperm quantity and quality... what are the pills supposed to improve?
  11. As title says, my RCBO starts tripping, sometimes not for hours, sometimes every few mins, mostly when it is damn hot. Doesn't matter whether it is on 5mA, 15mA, 25mA or direct. Worked flawless for weeks, no new devices added, no cable works done, never worried what was running concurrently. Washing machine, pool pump, TV, fridge, poll robot, small oven, 2 fans, treadmill all behind the safety. So far, did not see any pattern for tripping. Could it be the heat?
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