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  1. 18 hours ago, wgdanson said:

    At present,(until 12th Dec) the Consulate will issue a letter saying that Mr.UK.Expat told them, and showed Bank Statements to confirm, that they have a minimum of Bht 65,000 per month going into their UK (or other country) bank account. The Consular workers CANNOT go to every pension provider, rent payer, investment company etc, to verify that these figures are genuine. If there was any investigation into any 'financial irregularities' the Consulate would be legally responsible. So that's why they are stopping issuing these letters. The USA is different in that Mr. USA.Expat SWEARS that the information is genuine and if anything is found to be wrong, the Expat is responsible. 

    The Consulate now says that the Immigration will accept a regular deposit of at least Bht 65,000 per month into a Thai bank account, easily verified because it will say FTT (Foreign Transfer) on the bank statement or bank book. Is it that easy or not? 

    The Bht 800,000 for at least three months has always been and will stay as an alternative. 

    What is regular? I save my income in a UK bank and send it over 2 or 3 times a year when the rate is good. Is that regular or do they expect monthly income. Also i use Transferwise to transfer the money which (as i understand it) is deposited via another thai bank so would not show up as a FTT.

  2. 12 hours ago, fforest1 said:

    I think there is going to be a whole lot of unsold wine just sitting on stores shelves taking up room with these never ending tax increases...

    Hell they can not seem to even wait 2 or 3 weeks now before the next tax increase.... 

    That will be a problem. If anyone is stupid enough to pay 1119 for Mont Clair it will probably be months, or years, old.

  3. As already said not a ghetto but run down due to poor maintenance in tropical climate. The constant construction of huge condo complexes has surely created an oversupply.

    Oversupply is the devil causing high vacancy rates. And this country has no system to penalise owners leaving their units vacant, nor developers leaving their units unsold.

    Surely if a developer has built a condo and only sold a few units they must be paying a great deal in maintenance fees for the unsold units. This must be a big incentive to sell their units.

  4. I went over the weekend and had a great time, the circuit is very good. Long drive though from almost anywhere in Thailand. I booked the Grandstand and again thought the seating arrangements were a bit chaotic. Big sections were held empty for Yamaha (with no Yamaha bikes competing!!). Luckily my tgf had a Yamaha shirt on so we were allowed in. Lots of people seemed to be standing to watch the race, not so good at 1,500 baht.

    Great result for the Brits of course.

  5. It would be far more expensive for me to live in Europe than it is for me living here. Here I can live comfortably....at home I'd be on the streets. (metaphorically speaking).

    Spain is very cheap.

    House and apartment purchase prices cheaper than Thailand, rent not so.

    And if you're British,

    1.4 Euro to the GBP, at one point it was 1:1, so great exchange rate too.

    Worth 40% more than 6 years ago, I might have ended up in Europe with an exchange rate like that.

    The Euro is still strong

    If you're British it was 1.50+ to the GBP not so long ago.

  6. you will have to claim your pension when your 65 ,pay your NI or there cut your pension ,tell the tax people ,your accountant should do that for you

    I am in a similar position and have told the authorities nothing. I am coming up to 65 though and want an estimate of my state pension. I guess then i will be honest and tell them i live abroad, and get no inflation uplifts. On the form however there is a question "when did you leave the UK". Not sure how to answer that. Do i say in 2009 when i started to live here, or say nothing until i am 65. If i say 2009 will the pension be frozen at the rates in 2009 or those in force when i reach 65?

  7. I brought my UK xbox360 over a few years ago together with about 20 UK games. The xbox has died now and i am looking for a replacement. Will a thai xbox here run all my UK games. Thailand uses PAL but i see many NTSC links on their games. Does it have to be modified or use a rgh? The 4gb box seems much cheaper but is that any use to play games with such a small amount of storage.

  8. While I like the idea of 4K Blu-Ray, I would be hesitant about buying my favourite movies all over again in yet another format. I'm nearly broke after buying them in VHS video, Laserdisc, regular DVD and standard Blu-Ray and have run out of shelf space to add 4K Blu-Ray. I think buyer fatigue will have a strong impact on sales and suspect many fans with large libraries will be content to upscale from 1080.

    Yeah, I can't see too much point in replacing your back library... but if you still buy movies on media, it kinda makes sense to start buying 4K when it's released wink.png

    I would like some 4k Blu-rays for my UHD tv but i suspect in thailand they will be too expensive, like 2,000 baht a time. I am not buying all my old movies again at that price.

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  9. Where does the tunnel start/finish once complete?

    Edit: Google is our friend.

    Pattaya Klang 1.9 kilometres towards Sattahip.

    nah that got canned.

    This current one is only 420metres long and goes under Klang. There is a second planned which goes under Tai and Threpasit.

    So 2-3 years of chaos and 1 billion baht cost just to save having to stop for a minute at the Klang traffic lights - unbelievable.

  10. Yes you have to show proof of travel, air tickets and hotel booking. Small risk i suppose if they then refused your visa (unlikely). The main hassle though are the two trips to BKK. Only takes a few minutes in the Embassy.

  11. I always do it myself at the Chinese embassy in Bkk

    Just fill in the paperwork,downloaded from their website..

    2400 Thb

    Just got my visa from the Chinese Embassy in BKK. Very easy to do but requires two trips, one to drop off the paperwork and one 4 days later to collect the visa. Cost 1,100 for foreigners.

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