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  1. Don't know of anywhere since Ink World closed. Maybe try Google. Perhaps have a look on Youtube to see if there are any videos on how to clear it yourself. HTH
  2. The mosquitos that pass on dengue are the Aedes Aegypti. (See photos in post 12.) They have a black and white striped body and are much larger than the night time mossies. I caught dengue two years ago in Samui and was hospitalised for eight days. There are apparently four strains and the doctor told me that I was immune to that one strain for about a year, but that any further infections would be a lot worse than the first one. That was bad enough. I now have one of those electronic tennis raquet style swats at home and if I see any, I zap them. I expect the number of cases of infection will increase once the wet season kicks in in October.
  3. I flew in last week from the UK. Had a CIQ sticker for onward flight, so only had to pass through the internal immigration. Was shocked at how bad it was. Normally empty whenever I arrive, but it was packed, with multiple queues, mainly Chinese. The only reasons I could think of were either multiple flights arriving at the same time, or the fingerprint procedure slowing things up.
  4. I was also back in the UK (London) recently. Amazing how many shops are going cashless and only accept cards. Even the coffee shop chains.
  5. Just a heads up for the locals. I went to InkWorld (opposite Thai Inter Hospital) today to buy some cartridges for my printer. They have a sign in the window that they will be closing the business from the 13th April. From what I could understand from the lady, it is the ink consumables side of the business. Not sure about the repairs and Fiber installation side.
  6. Can anyone give me up to date contact details for Ingon Accurate Accounting Services please? Email address, phone no. Thanks
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