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  1. The thing is, because I have two phones, my name in my Thai phone is Xxxx's Thai Phone. This shows up on the messages for some reason. It is mainly that which made me delete them immediately. It's as if I sent them to myself.
  2. KhunPer. How did you do your 90 day report online? Which website? I have done a search on Thai Visa but cannot find anything.
  3. I have received several over the past week, and I don't have that app.. They show as addressed to my name as it is recorded in my phone address book. Don't know if that means someone has somehow accessed my address book.
  4. I'm due to do a 90 day report this coming week. Renewed my extension in January, and was supposed to do 90 day in March, but was out of the country. My question is, "Will I need to take an up to date bank statement and copy of all pages of bank book along when I do the report? TIA
  5. Could be a muslim Thai gone there to study. He flew back to Malaysia first, then crossed into Thailand.
  6. I always go to see Associate Professor Dr. Niyom Tantikun at Bumrungrad for my skin checks. He has removed a couple of suspicious bits under local anaesthetic.
  7. IPTV. There are lots on Google, but you might want to try and find reviews of any particular service before signing up to any of them.
  8. I wonder how travellers without smartphones will get on with this. More form filling? Or refusal to fly?
  9. McDonalds here in Samui allow two people per table for four, but you have to sit diagonally from each other so that you are not face to face. They have actually stuck red crosses on the other two seats, and on the table to indicate where you should not sit.
  10. That bridge, though handy, definitely needs the boards on the top replacing. They are rotting and there are many holes in them. I certainly wouldn't like to fall in that water. Though if you walk around the other side, there are people up to there necks fishing with throw nets. It's a shame, but COVID, and the lack of tourists will probably put a halt to big spending to finish that walkway project. It was starting to look really nice, and created something really useful for a change. Work seems to have stopped. Again, maybe COVID related. If the track ever does encircle the whole lake, it would probably be over 5K, and would surely open up a lot of opportunities for business alongside it. Samui needs more than beaches nowadays to attract tourists.
  11. Photos: Chaweng daytime, 7pm on a Saturday night by Solo Bar, and Soi Green Mango at same time. Absolutely dead. Though McDonalds and Burger King are still open if that is your thing. Evening around 6pm around Chaweng Lake is very busy with lots of people jogging, cycling, doing yoga, playing badmington, doing all sorts of exercise, or just strolling. There is a nice new walkway around the most of the lake. The night markets are opening, and lots of people seem to be setting up food stalls, (probably to make some money.) I heard today that the curfew will now be 11pm to 3am. It's nice here.
  12. I often bulk cook bolognese sauce or sweet potato, chick pea and lentil curry. Can get five or six portions out of them. Freeze and use as required. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you should overnight soak dried red kidney beans, then strain and use. I think its because it stops them causing 'gas'. Of course, you might not mind gassy beans.
  13. I don't mind the tokays, but it p's me off when they shout in the early hours and wake me up. Bloody thing has got inside my suspended ceiling, and makes an almighty racket.
  14. Curfew is still in operation, but now from 11pm to 4am. Though it is supposed to go to 12-4am from 1st June I believe. There are restaurants open, even some of the better ones, but they are practicing social distancing, and still not allowed to sell alcohol. Still many hotels closed. It is not worth them recalling staff, and having to pay them if there are no tourists. Having to sign in everywhere, 7-11, supermarkets, shops in mall etc. Samui at the moment is for quiet beach holidays. Gyms are partially open, but should open next week. Nearly everything else is shut because no tourists equals no income. If you can delay your trip until beginning July, then you might find the COVID restrictions lifted even further. Depends on how quiet a holiday you want I suppose. HTH
  15. Had to laugh today. The name signed in before me was Stanley Unwin. Maybe Brits will only get this one. Stanley Unwin, sometimes billed as Professor Stanley Unwin, was an English comedian, actor and comic writer. He invented his own comic language, "Unwinese", referred to in the film Carry On Regardless as "gobbledygook"
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