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  1. What fish do you buy here to make decent fish and chips?
  2. Maybe I am going blind. What has happened to the post numbers on threads? They seem to have disappeared. It makes it difficult to find a referred postwithout them. Please can you reinstate? Or tell me where to find them?
  3. IMHO the bridge is indeed "a bridge too far". I agree with Deli in his earlier post. They need to improve and modernise the ferry services. Better, ports at both ends, and bigger capacity ferries.
  4. Now there is confirmed COVID-19 on the island as of today, they had better hurry up with those ASQ hotels.
  5. Or she contracted it while in quarantine, but after the second test. I don't think Thai nationals are required to do pre flight testing, so can carry it into quarantine where there is the possibility, however small of passing it on.
  6. If she needs braces, better to look for an orthodontist rather than a dentist. They specialise. Although many dentists will combine the two. We took out little one to a dentist because of crowded teeth, and was recommended to see an orthodontist, as she would need several teeth removed. The ortho told us she was too young for braces, but pulled four milk teeth and told us to return in three months.
  7. Especially since clicking on the link to the original Thaiger article shows the unaltered photo.
  8. Smaller font probably allows room for mores ads, but whatever has been done works for me. All ads and pop ups have now disappeared. Thanks TV.
  9. Don't be too sure of that. A wai, apology, and a few months in the monkhood. Maybe a bit of compensation, and all will be fine.
  10. It might be worth contacting your current VPN provider and telling them your problem. I did this in the past when having problems with BBC iPlayer. They often know about the problem and suggest a server to connect to to overcome the problem. IF of course they have one.
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