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  1. She is a right "chip off the old block". Her father can't stop selling stories to the press. Still bleating on about not being invited to the wedding. Come to think of it, her half sister as well. Also I seem to recall another male relative even used the name Meghan or Markle to sell his cannabis products. Pure class. Still. Both her and Harry are where they belong now: LaLa Land.
  2. Could it be referred pain from AC joint problem? Or even partially torn tendon? One test to find out if it might be a partially torn distal bracchi tendon is to get someone to hold your hand (with your thumb pointing up, palm vertical) between their two hands tightly while you try and rotate your hand against their resistance. If it causes any pain, it often points to tendon damage. Of course, always best to see a doctor.
  3. Even after so many years, it's still relevant. Oats and oat bran, salads, steamed veg. Lean meat, grilled fish No dairy (cheese, milk butter). Use soy or almond milk as a replacement. Added Chia seeds chick peas to salads. It gets boring, but it did lower my cholesterol.
  4. There used to be a great opticians here in Samui called Sawang Optical. I believe they relocated to Chiang Mai. It might be worth doing a search for them. EDIT. I found this: https://main.citylifeadmin.com/citylife-places/sawang-optical/ HTH
  5. It's not more soldiers that they need. It's more sailors. Or to be more precise, submariners.
  6. i cannot understand why Thais like to have Huskies here in Thailand. Must be hell for the animals themselves. I see four locked in a covered garden in the mornings. Is it supposed to be cool? Maybe for the Thais. Certainly not for the dogs
  7. I always turn the on/off control switch on the bike to lock so it's not that. My get around for now is that I have bought a battery charger so can charge the battery in place on the bike without having to take it out. Which is OK for now as mostly I leave the bike at home in the garage. But I can't really leave it parked at the airport if I fly out for a few days. Would like to get the problem sorted.
  8. Every time I don't use my early 2019 PCX for three for four days the battery goes flat. I have taken it to Honda Maenam who just changed the battery and told me to make sure I turn off the remote when I leave the bike. Still happens. Does anyone know of an electrician for motorbikes here in Samui who might be able to fault find the problem? Returned home from a short trip last night to find battery flat again. No added accessories on the bike. It is as it came. TIA
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