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  1. When the protesters are shot, the police blamed a third party did it, third party also shot the police (chalerm's scape goats) so the protesters will be blamed! how low can you go! anyone out of their minds to think this govt is sane enough to hold office even for the rats? what a bloody joke!

    Suthep only had a confrontation on his mind. He got it so let him explain why a supporter is dead to the family of the bereaved. Firing the first shots and grenades shows the real intent of this mob. Suthep should know the army is not coming to save him. Why is he not where the fighting is. All mouth and trousers..todays campaign has begun..."Shut down Suthep..Restart Bangkok"

  2. suthep's people are carrying all types of firearms, maybe they are doing all this just to get people to believe it is the other side doing it. Remember this is Thailand and suthep did oreder the killing of 90 people three years ago.

    Why don't you stop your stupid rants. Or are you paid by the red shirts or Taksin to make them. Or are you just a very ignorant red shirt supporter

    Gamini...people get 112 read to them for suggesting 'paid for postings' ....you cant have because your post is still on this thread. I hope the mod is reading your post and removes it shortly

  3. If you are a Japanese investor, and the Chairman of the Board of a Japanese company is attacked, would you want to invest more in Thailand. This will not help the Board of Investment attract more foreign investors.

    Only in Thailand can a chairman of two powerful companies be also the chairman of the Anti Corruption Agency. I guess Siam Cement Group will never be investigated for corruption then.

    God forbid dont say things like that. Who are the major players in Siam Cement...money maybe being donated from their accounts to the PDRC

  4. again the reds/ptp supporters are out shooting up anyone that doesnt do what the reds/ptp want them too, this is all chalerms/and the militant reds doing, trying to scare people into their way of thinking, what else can you expect from scum.

    Trying reading what you just wrote (always write) you sound like an 'Agony Aunt' from some washed up monthly magazine. It will be them damn soldiers at it again. Nobody gets hurt its all staged, its a sympathy shooting to garner support for the dwindling ranks of the PDRC. Dont fall for it...most of us dont

  5. Tense confrontation on Chaengwattana protest site


    BANGKOK: -- Situation at the ant-government protest site on Chaengwattana road is tense before noon today when hundreds of anti-riot police and thousands of protesters are confronting each other with instruction from the Center of the Maintaining of Peace and Order (CMPO) telling all protesters to leave.

    The possible forced eviction is expected by this afternoon when CMPO director Chalerm Yoobamrung hinted of a big news for the protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban.

    In a press conference before noon, Chalerm showed weapon he claimed were seized during this morning’s operation to evict the two sites of protesters on Ratchadamnern road.

    The weapon showed firecracker bombs, iron pellets, urea fertilizer, Bai Krathom leaves.

    He vowed that the operation to evict protesters will go on non-stop but said the police would not use force.

    By 11.30 a.m. today, anti-riot police with an armored vehicle were moving slowly in a pincer movement from the front and rear of the protest site on Chaengwattana road.

    Protesters were retreating as the police slowly moving in cordons with prison trucks on the front line while protesters also were retreating to their last barricade near the protest stage. Their leader Luang Poo Buddhaissara is now heavily surrounded by guards.

    Meanwhile unidentified group of people, believed to be red-shirts are reported gathering nearby.

    The abbot told all supporters to sit down on the road and prayed.

    Earlier in the morning, thousands of anti-riot police under the command of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Kamronvit Thoopkracharng successfully evicted two protest sites of the anti-government protesters at Yaek Misakawan and Chamaimaruches bridge.

    There was no resistance at the two sites when police marched along the Ratchadamnoen Avenue to evict the protest sites.

    But protest leaders said that the two sites are not their permanent sites but abandoned and occupied only by a small number of protesters at their own.

    PDRC leaders held urgent meeting today and all declared firmly that they would never let the police to evict their major encampment at the Interior Ministry.

    They vowed to fight to the end but with peaceful means.

    Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/tense-confrontation-chaengwattana-protest-site/


    -- Thai PBS 2014-02-14

    This is a bad move when all the granny clappers go home because anybody still there will be facing more than words. I think thats how its been planned to let the innocent protestors move away peacfully. Anybody gets hurt after this point has no complaints

  6. I am astonished daily that this barfly BS artist is given so much authority and power. He's dangerous, belligerent and possibly on the sauce. Lets face it, not a good combination at any time. Still at least he's not Tarit.

    "possibly on the sauce" cheesy.gifclap2.gif

    Can I ask the yellow mob on here. If we see Suthep in chains, do you have any problem if the pro government lobby claim yet another victory (with arms tied behind back) Losing is a culture

  7. The biggest financial supporters will not be published for shure...

    ..but most here will be able to guess who the unpublished ones are. Its obvious that red bull have been sponsoring anti Thaksin movements why did Thaksin go after his son so hard that he had to flee to Singapore. Leo beer sales have plummeted in Udon province because the little'love me do' appeared on a JCB. The rice exporters are the main losers in the rice pledging....why...they alledgedly sponsored the last coup. Its great that some of the 'infamous amart' are being outed and people who strongly believe in their cause should stop buying their products. As I have said before about the amart, some are faceless business men whose product sales will plummet if they were exposed. There is still a large 'extended' group who will not be named

  8. In a normal society thaksins conviction would get him in prison by extraditing him here. Instead he hides without fear in another country extending his influence here.

    Isnt that enough evidence for you all to see that laws for politicians are treated differently than laws for normal average citizens.

    Sent from my GT-S5310 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app

    In most jurisdictions, Thaksin's only conviction in a criminal case (for abuse of authority in the Rachada land case) would not constitute a crime.

    His crime was to add his signature, as was at the time required by Thai law, to a bid by his then wife. The court judged that he was wrong to do this because he held the position of Prime Minister and a section in the Anti-Corruption Act forbids political office holders from entering into contracts with agencies under their control. There have been questions as to whether the agency in this case (the FIDF, under the control of the Bank of Thailand) is in fact under the control of the Prime Minister, and whether countersigning a bid constitutes entering into a contract. But in most systems (and in Thailand's today) there is no requirement for married women to provide a signature of approval by their husband.

    Most extradition treaties do not allow extradition for crimes which are not considered crimes in the country of exile. (A Ugandan cannot be extradited from the UK on the grounds of a conviction for sodomy, for example). If a country has no law similar to Thailand's at that time, then the act for which he was convicted does not constitute a crime in that country and extradition will not be approved.

    Nor, incidentally will an extradition treaty allow extradition where the penalty is substantially different from in the country of exile. Hence request for extradition to the US are routinely denied if a conviction could result in the death penalty. It would be an interesting exercise to discover how many countries set imprisonment for an offence of this kind. My guess would be precious few.

    This is not to admit that Thaksin has not committed other acts of corruption. There is prima facie evidence of many, and of a far more serious nature than the Rachada land case. The question is why the Thai judicial system has chosen NOT to prosecute for these apparently far more serious offences. One is led to suspect that any such prosecution might also involve others who are being protected by the failure to prosecute.

    That is an excellent post..regardless of where your allegiance lies. Two years for signing a document...politically motivated.

    One is led to suspect that any such prosecution might also involve others who are being protected by the failure to prosecute.

    The army stacking live bodies face down on trucks. Everybody knows this was intentional by the army, killing Thai citizens is what they do wothout remorse. I thought officers involved in the mosque incident had been charged. Accusing Thaksin of murder here is crazy when very senior military personnel were in control of the incident. Does anybody from the army ever get convicted...of anything...ever

  9. you red farangs disgust me

    dont be too hard on them...didnt your mother tell you not to mock people less fortunate than yourself, as you know large quantites of lao khao turns peoples brains to mush...tongue.png

    With all the debating cards stacked in your favour and all you do is try to be humourous ( which you are not). If the red team had the laws of the land in there favour there would be no debate. You anti everything mob are like the Dems, pad, pitak siam etc ...habitual losers but worry just do what the anti christ suthep does..move the goal post and keep claiming another 'day of victory

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  10. Monk now supports torture as well as breaking most of his other monkpromises.

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app

    Torture and interrogation are two completely different things.

    This is a Khaosod piece remember, so it is 90% bullshit.

    Howeber, if I were a guard, I would probably want to stick the boot in myself. They are the enemy.

    Why stick the boot in when you are carrying Glocks, grenades and M16's. Just shoot them...oh you've done that already

  11. "....the two policemen were legally conducting an intelligence-gathering mission."

    AKA Spying. My condolences to the spies for their injuries. Go into the jungle, you may get bitten.

    More praise for violence, ratcatcher?

    How many people are killed by the protestors since the protests started a few months ago?

    I would say every grenade that exploded is a result of a PDRC supporter pulling the pin to raise the anti. Six soldiers wanted for questioning in the attempted murder in Udon. Everybody on here knows what side they are aligned to.

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  12. Pretty much the whole of Thailand have a bottle of champagne ready for that. (except for a handful of grandmas at the protest sites and a few other neo-dictationship oddballs)

    Hopefully they distribute a High Definition 1080p, 60 frames per second slow motion version of his imminent arrest, conviction and jailing, with a zoom in on his face. laugh.png

    One can only hope once Dear YK and her merry bandits are shown the door, that the "fascist" Suthep rounds up all the "Red Farangs" and deports them, and petitions their home goverments to prevent further international travel on the basis of stupidity

    From your 13,000 posts I have ascertained you know very little about what goes on here. The group you refer to as 'red farangs' are simply people who believe in equal opportunities, level playing fields and whatever else brings down an heirarchical society that Thailand is.

    We have being debating with anti government supporters for the best part of 5 years and honestly winning most arguments. All this achieved with both arms tied behind our backs...unlike you.

    oh dear got nothing to say...so attack the number posts someone makes, and makes a silly little statements about not knowing what goes one here, I know quite a bit more than you realise dear boy...wink.png

    Yes yes I get it your Thaier than Thai, a farang riding in on white horse saving the down trodden in the wilds of Isaan...

    If you really believe the current goverment stands for equal opportunities, level playing fields etc...you delusional, BTW the average "red farang" couldnt debate their way out a paper bag, one suspects you included....wink.png

    OOOOOOh bitchy. You did not argue that we pro democracy supporters win most of the debates here and you did not ask for any explanantion of hands tied behind our back. Which leads me to believe you know what the comment reffered to and if you argue that (not really) you would lose that debate as well.

    BANG paper debating bag bursts

  13. Two workers of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration were seriously injured - plus four others injured - because of a firecracker bomb. They were not part of the PDRC. The PDRC had in fact abandoned the area. They were administrative workers, and they were cleaning up the area. They were the victims of a vicious, vicious unprovoked attack. What does this tell us ? It tells us that the attackers don't care if they were protesters or not. They don't care that they were administration workers peacefully and dutifully doing their job. They don't care if they had a wife and family who deeply loved them. It tells us that the attackers are monsters.

    sounds like Sutheps boys and his backers

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  14. .

    So if they're against a 'peoples council' and they're against an elected government, who exactly do these nutters think should be running a country of 65 million people with a GDP equivalent to $1 billion every day? Sometimes it seems like the Democrats view is that 'yes, we're in favour of elections, but only if we're guaranteed to win', which renders them unfit to run a candy shop, never mind a whole country.

    They're not against an elected government. they want reform first. And they've consistently said, it doesn't matter if we don't win, but we want reform.

    If they have rejected the idea why have they supported the PDRC by marching at the front and Abhisit and leek Pai standing on the stage at the start of the 'shutdown Bangkok' demonstartions. You are lying or they are.

    'They want reform first' As they made no reforms during their recent 3 years in power that would suggest everything that needs reforming has come about in the last 30 months and not under their watch. What a load of <deleted>

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  15. All the energy that Suthep & Co put into dancing around the issue and doing political contortionism, if they put that energy into reforming the Dems into a more inclusive party with progressive reform policies that improve the lives of the poorest in society etc. they could campaign in an election and stand a fair chance. It amazes me that they don't try this legit route to power, especially now that PTP are reeling from the rice/amnesty problems. Sometimes you have to let go and move with the times, for the good of the nation. In any case, their pigheaded stubbornness is painful to behold, and the "my way or the highway" philosophy does not belong in the political sphere in the 21st century. They should re-brand their image and policies, and enter the electoral fray like everybody else does.

    But that is far to sensible a strategy and outside of the box for Thai politicians who prefer to do the same thing over and over again, and guess what, always the same result.

    If they ever did take this route it would also force the PTP and other parties to clean up their acts. But simply pure fantasy I guess.

    It would take time and they arn't prepared to wait. im sure they could do it in say 2 elections time because by then PTP im sure would have imploded anyway.

    Besides everyone here is on a timeline of ASAP to grab the power because no one has a clue exactly when the music will stop here, when it does this could all seem like just a walk in the park compared.

    'when the music will stop' ...perfect decription. 'just a walk in the park compared' ...frightening what will happen when the time comes

  16. Ahh the Mandela of the east. I remember the demonizing of Nelson Mandela in 1963 after he had 193 acts of terrorism to his name. They called him an undemocratic terrorist. He actually did have arrest warrants for murder (not made up ones). He was charged with making explosives and participating in a violent revolution. If the people then knew what sprouted from that terrorist I wonder if they would have been so quick to judge him. So quick to demonize him. The people that harbored Nelson Mandela were demonized. They wanted those people killed.

    I think the directors of the hotel may well look back in 20 years time and hold their heads high knowing they knew something then that "1 principle of democracy" lovers didn't see. Saw something that the terrorist wing of the Shin regime doesn't want you to see. They saw hope. They saw all the principles of democracy being adhered to. They saw farmers getting paid.

    There is hope for Thailand when you have decent folk like these hotel's helping a just cause to make Thailand a better place free of the cancerous regime's that are more at home in Zimbabwe or North Korea or Iran.

    Peaceful protesting used to be a democratic right. The transgression to a dictatorship is a slow one. So slow in fact that before you know it your supporting the dictatorship under a guise of democracy.

    I pity those poor confused souls.

    On what planet, in what century would anybody compare Suthep to Mandela....

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  17. Reply to all the mor...c replies in this thread:

    Please read the OP again before you make such mor...c remarks.

    "Police were barred from entering the scene by the guards."

    How do you want the Police to make arrests if they are not allowed to investigate the crime scene??????????????

    TV yellow propaganda at work again.

    and how is investigating the scene of a grenade explosion going to solve anything Sherlock, the police need to be proactive around the sites not at them

    proactive as in being beat to a pulp like those 3 police officers

  18. Reply to all the mor...c replies in this thread:

    Please read the OP again before you make such mor...c remarks.

    "Police were barred from entering the scene by the guards."

    How do you want the Police to make arrests if they are not allowed to investigate the crime scene??????????????

    TV yellow propaganda at work again.

    ...and the biggest supply of m79 grenades is held by the army....who do have links with the PDRC loonies

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  19. They followed the law and the election process- they went for the vote. They got votes, and they achieved a step towards their democratic goal - they sound sound. Very unusual for Thailand. Makes Abhisit's no show even more preposterous.

    Abhisits "no show" is not preposterous... it was a decision by the Democrat Party to withdraw from this election because an election in Thailand at this moment in time is not fair and not democratic. There are many many seats in the North and North East where it is impossible for some parties to field candidates to contest that seat, due to violence and threats from certain groups of thugs. Once Thailand has a level playing field for ALL candidates and all parties then and only then can there be a fair election..And that my friend means REFORM.... But the Shinewatras will try to hold on to power at all costs...wai2.gif

    Suthep reform = make sure the rules are changed so that whatever Thaksin does we still win the election

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  20. The Democrats want national reform - but we don't even know if the majority of Thais want this reform or not.

    Shouldn't there be a referendum be held first to ask if Thais even want this? Because if only the minority Democrats want it, it doesn't mean that it has to be implemented. After all, they haven't won an election in over 20 years.

    And on top of that, the current election laws were signed and passed by Abhisit and Suthep before the 2011 elections. They thought that changing the election laws would help them win the election. Then in 2011 they lost and now they want to change it again.

    Maybe they're not losing elections due to the law, but due to the fact that Thais do not want them in office.

    They should clean up their own party first. But again, if they want reforms so bad, then a referendum is the way to go, not a street mob.

    "we don't even know if the majority of Thais want this reform or not.'

    Well 55% didn't bother to vote, and many more voted NO, which seems to indicate they do want reform.

    Where do you get your numbers from?

    According to the EC:

    BANGKOK, 6 February 2014 (NNT) 16.57% of ballot papers from the past Sunday's general election were handed in with the choice of 'no vote' checked on them, according to the Election Commission (EC).

    So according to your logic, that means only 16.57% want reforms, right?

    Time to get the clowns off the street.

    Realistically 95% of the Thais want reforms and only the seriously wealthy want to keep the status quo thats been filling their accounts for decades. The country needs political, social and judicial reforms but whack jobs like Suthep are not the people who should be leading the movement. Thais first need to accept that they are all equal and use the same wai to greet and save the special wai for the revered not politicians, top police, army officers, teachers, bosses etc.

    Thainess, the thing they cling too in times of strife is what is holding back progression in this country

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