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  1. I read this confirmation of the new rules, as meaning that they will give you a 3 month extension of stay "Under Consideration", when you apply for your retirement extension. Then after 90 days you have to go back to immigration and they check that you still have no less than the B800K in your bank and then they will give you the balance of 9 months, making 1 year. This is what still needs clarifying. (They were applying this rule for first applications 9 years ago).
  2. 4 pages so far of TV members going of half cocked about Vikings without fact checking. His FB page, with him wearing the same Under Armour Tee-Shirt and tattoo on his arm as in the news photo, says that his name is Chris Daly, not Dali. Daly is an Irish surname, derived from the Gaelic Ó Dálaigh.
  3. I have a Bangkok Bank Account, savings and deposit. I have two Citibank Credit Cards, Visa and Master Card. I don't have a work permit as I am retired. No security required and I have been here 25 years so I have an excellent record. There is an annual fee for the Citibank Cards. If I wanted to increase my B270,000 credit limit then I have to pay an additional insurance premium with my annual fee.
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