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  1. 6 Million Brits want to visit Thailand this year but because of Brexit only the rich can afford the cost.
  2. The design life of solar panels is 25 years and the average life is 30 years. Thailand already has at least one company that is handling waste solar panels mainly due to damage on site. Since few solar panels were on line until 2008, it follows that there will be few end-of-life panels sent for recycle until 2038. Thailand has already planned, since 2010 under an ADB study, to cope with the waste when it comes. EGAT is actively involved and 100 solar panel recycling facilities are planned. Korea has just announced that it has commissioned its' first Solar Panel recycling plant. China has quite
  3. The PM 10 concentration in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has followed a similar pattern every year since 2010. The annual monthly PM 10 concentration is at a high level at the beginning of December and reaches a peak in March, subsequently decreasing from May until November.
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