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  1. I use Bangkok Bank London Branch for my UK Pension deposits which can be held in s savings account in GB Pounds until I want to transfer to my Thailand Bangkok Bank Account. The British Pension Service insists on paying my Pension into a UK bank which fortunately Bangkok Bank has in London.
  2. Been in the water and waste treatment business for 50 years. Worked hands on with sewage plants let alone swimming pools. The only problem I have had working on 1,000s of palnts including swimming pools is Pseudomonas Aeruginosa which causes swimmer's ear (an ear infection). Had it twice in Thailand, so now I wear ear plugs, and no problem. There is no problem with swimming pools and COVID-19, only air borne transmission.
  3. I am retired and have been here since 1994. I have had a Citibank Credit Card for the last 26 years. Once you prove that you can pay the outstanding each month there is no problem. I can also get one from my bank, Bangkok Bank. Had an HSBC credit card also, which they secured with a yearly insurance payment. Citibank has an annual fee including insurance but this is waved if you have a reasonable amount of annual spending. I always pay mine on time, so I am low risk to them. If your local branch gives you a problem, go to the head office as it is the head office who decide whether to give you a credit card or not.
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