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  1. You have to be mental to pay for medical insurance if you have enough money to put aside in investments to cover medical expenses. I have plenty of money put aside to cover any of my medical expenses. Went into ICU in Australia and paid B975,000 cash for medical expenses. I checked what BUPA would have paid out and they would have covered just B95,000 due to the limits on each day in ICU etc. The annual BUPA premium was B89,000. Insurance companies are not here to lose money.
  2. Should be stated as an assisted suicide.... Took him off suicide watch, took away his compulsory cell mate and the guards did not check on him for 3 hours (should be every 30 minutes).
  3. it says in Thai that he came by train but already had 2 entries at the border so was refused entry.
  4. Anyone who thinks he needs an assault style weapon is mentally challenged, but Trump is not going to do anything to control guns and the daily mass shootings in the USA. 258 mass shootings so far this year. 6 policeman shot yesterday and the Mayor and Police Chief called for immediate action on gun control to protect the police and public. Trump's answer is to repeat the NRA talking point that the shootings are being carried out because a predecessor let mental patients out of mental hospitals and closed many down. So Trump's answer, no problem with guns and assault rifles, the problem is mental illness. The problem is that many of the shooters are not mentally ill and even if they were, most are only found to be mentally ill after the shootings.
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